Monday, January 25, 2021

Valentine Yarn Wreath


This weekend I got my craft on and made this super easy and fun yarn heart wreath.  My plan is to take it up to my classroom and use it on my whiteboard for February but it looks pretty cute on my front door so who knows :) 

I grabbed the yarn and the wreath frame at Joann's and I bought a few different yarns but you could easily get away with one skein of a color you loved.  The wire frame was $6 and the yarns ranged from $4-$10 and I probably used 20% of each one if that (I use yarn when wrapping presents and doing other crafts/activities with the kids so I just added the leftovers to our stash).

I cut a BUNCH of pieces about 5" long and then just got to work attaching them to the frame by creating a loop, pulling the ends through and then pulling it tight.  Once all the strands were attached I went back through and trimmed up the straggly pieces and tied on a long piece to hang it from.  

The whole thing took me a couple of hours to complete and really couldn't have been easier.  This would be such a cute idea if you're hosting a baby shower, decorating a kids room, planning a birthday party, etc. since you can do any combo of colors, textures, etc.  It would be so fun with rainbow colors, on a round frame with ribbons mixed in, etc.  The chunkier your yarn the better and I always love mixing textures but you definitely don't have to.

Of course I wrapped this up on a super rainy and gloomy day with minimal light but I'll be sure to snap a picture of it on my February board at school when the sun is shining and share it on another post :) 

I hope you found a little inspiration here today and if you end up making one I'd LOVE to see it!  Tag me in your post or email me a pic! 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


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