Thursday, January 21, 2021

Three Things

Today I'm sharing 3 things about everyone and am randomly using pictures from when each of them were about 9 months old (January 2009, 2012 and 2014) because CUTENESS and also because we've been running like crazy this week and haven't been home before it's already dark outside.  #bloggerprobs :)

Rosie sleeps in Luke's bed pretty much every night and we laugh because when she gets tired she goes and puts herself to bed up there and waits for him to come up.  She takes up so much room but when he goes up he just rolls her over until he can squeeze in there with her and despite the lack of space (and the toots) he never asks us to take her downstairs. 

Luke is already planning his birthday party... between missing out on a party last year and turning 13 he has BIG PLANS in the works ;)  We'll see how that pans out but it's fun to see him excited about it!

Luke doesn't sit in the front seat all the time but when he does it still weirds me out.  I'm not used to him being up there touching my vents and the radio and getting into my console gummy worm stash.  He is a big fan of the seat warmer (I don't blame him one bit for that!) so I don't see him moving back until at least the Spring.  I will say that I'm loving the conversations that we've had with him sitting up front so I guess the gummy worms are worth it ;)

Given the choice Mason will ALWAYS choose barefoot.  ALWAYS.  The other day he walked Rosie to the park in cold drizzle with no shoes on.  We now have to check when we get into the car that he actually has shoes on so that we don't show up at school/church with a barefoot kid :)  

Mason can't get enough backgammon.  We play daily and he is RUTHLESS!!!  He has shut me out several times this week and 

Mason has been earning "mustang bucks" at school and he saved up enough to buy several rewards at the same time and earlier this week he got to wear what he wanted, bring a show and tell AND chew gum during the day.  #bestdayever ;)

Griffin's dance studio just showed the girls their costumes for recital and Griffin is OVER THE MOON!!!  Her acro costume is straight up sparkle and she absolutely can't wait to see it in person.  Her ballet costume almost made me tear up because it's the first year it really looks "big kid" (it's beautiful!) and I just can't believe she's not one of the teeny kids anymore!

Griffin LOOOOVES to Facetime!  It started during quarantine and then died down once school started but picked back up during Christmas break and her and her little girlfriends play American Girl dolls via Facetime multiple times per week.  I crack up because when my phone rings it's pretty much always for her ;) hahaha  

Griffin has enacted a strict no ponytail (or pigtail) policy at our house and no matter how much I try to entice or persuade her (because pigtail buns are the BEST) she is holding her ground FIERCELY!   If I'm brushing her hair and she even starts to think I have ponytail plans she calls me out on it.  I'm not sure how long this policy will be in place and I have no clue why it started but apparently hair down is the only way to go.

Rosie has started this new thing where she loves getting into my bathtub.  The only problem is that she can't get out on her own.  Well... she can somehow find the motivation to haul herself up and out only when cheese is involved :)  So maybe she's just way smarter than we're giving her credit for. hahaha

I'm trying to convince Dave that he's going to LOVE Downton Abbey... I've watched the whole series a couple of times and love it so much but he's never watched it.  I'm thinking we'll start it this weekend and will keep you posted on what he thinks :)

I've mentioned these cookies on my instagram but I feel like it's worth the PSA again.... BUY THESE COOKIES!!!  You can get them at Costco and they are AH-MAZING!  Perfect little "kids are in bed" treat - just trust me!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. I love these posts! Also... I'm in the same boat about trying to convince my husband to watch Downton Abbey!

    1. I think if I can get him past the first few episodes he'll be hooked! I'll keep y'all posted

  2. Hmmm. Mason would fit in with our barefoot Amish community a few miles away!

  3. Girl. Those cookies are LIFE! Also all these baby pics makes me miss the pics of baby Griffin in her owl Halloween costume!

  4. I bought those cookies through Amazon based upon your IG stories, and you're absolutely right--they are so delicious!!

  5. Have you tried the new Masterpiece Theatre show, All Creatures Great and Small? There are only 2 episodes so far, but I love the simplicity of it in the midst of this crazy world

    1. No! I need to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. We have a Mason here too - I started keeping a pair of shoes for him in the car at all times bc honestly, after the second time we got to school and he was barefoot (its a 25 min drive) I got tired of the yelling! Good news is that he outgrew this phase. I mean, he still goes barefoot 90% of the time, but he does remember to put shoes on before leaving the house :)

  7. FYI, I also saw those cookies at our Aldi earlier this week. I totally would have grabbed them...if I hadn't JUST bought a bag of Milanos at Target. Ha!

    1. If you see them again grab them and save them for when the Milanos are gone!

  8. My good friend and her husband took their kids on a 2 week road trip out west last summer to visit national parks and hike. They didn't check the shoe situation as they were packing and their youngest daughter only brought the shoes she wore when they left and they were dressy "church" shoes with a small hee. LOL. Needless to say they had to stop and buy a pair of more practical shoes.
    And have you watched Bridgerton on Netflix? Its sooo good!

    1. SO FUNNY!!! Yes! LOVED Bridgerton (although I did have to close my eyes at a few parts - hahaha)

  9. I too was so weirded out when my kids began sitting in the front but my middle son in particular loves the seat warmer and I can not blame him one bit! Now my oldest is almost always driving himself-- talk about being weirded out! I just ordered some of those Thinsters and can't wait to try them.

  10. These pictures!!! Weren't they all taken yesterday?!?!

  11. My husband loved Downton Abbey. It was must see viewing when it was on. Now I think I need to rewatch...

  12. I can’t get past Luke is turning 13......


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