Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Amazon Lately

 I grabbed  this heart bowl and I love it SO SO SO MUCH!  The heart pattern is a nod to Valentine's Day without being overly theme-y and the size is fantastic!  Perfect mixing bowl, salad serving bowl, movie night popcorn bowl, etc.

I'm working on building  my disco ball collection and this year I grabbed another 8", 6" and 4".  They bring me SO MUCH JOY - if you don't have a disco ball I highly recommend grabbing one solely for the little bits of rainbow it will cast all over your ceiling :)

This travel mug kept me going ALL DECEMBER LONG!  It's huge and I love that I can set it on the floorboard of my car on my way to work or wherever and it won't spill.

Somehow over the years I've gathered like 4 sets of measuring cups and somehow each of them was missing at least one cup.  I threw out all of them and bought  this one set that has every cup possible and I love it SO MUCH! I've threatened my kids (and Dave!) that these are not to be used for scooping dog food or digging in the garden or anything else that may cause the cups to disappear.

I ordered  this sling puck game for Dave for Christmas and it's been so much fun! We keep it out on our driving room table and there's been multiple games going daily.

I had a couple of candles that started "tunneling" and so I ordered  this wick set and was able to bring my candles back to life by melting them down a bit and then putting in a new wick.

I ordered this Sphero for Luke for Christmas and he's been LOVING IT!  It was recommended to me by a science teacher co-worker and so far I've been nothing but impressed with it.  You can write codes for games and/or driving paths, it talks, goes in water, etc. etc.  There's an app with labs kids can do with them and it's just been super fun.

Rosie LOVES a soft toy and I bought  this one because of the "indestructible" label and while she was able to rip off the ears, nostrils and wings pretty much within minutes parts of it are still going strong which is more than I can say for other soft toys :)

I love using my Colleen Rothschild muslin facecloths when I wash my face and ordered  this set to have extras on hand and they're fantastic!  

I ordered  this journal for the kids and we started it this week.  In the mornings there's a little part to write something that they're going to strive for that day, a Bible verse and then a spot for them to write/draw at night about something that they're thankful for from the day.  So sweet and I'm hoping that they become sweet little memories to look back on in years to come.

Santa brought  Trash Pandas for Dave's stocking and it's a blast!  Quick rounds, some strategy and some chance and it's funny.

I ordered  this Junie B Jones set for Griffin and she is loving them ;)  Reading isn't Griffin's favorite but Junie is fun and she's enjoying reading them.

I've mentioned  Pro Care before - it's all I use on my hardwoods and I ordered  a refill of the concentrate so I don't run out.  You just put the 2 oz into your spray bottle and fill the rest with water and voila!

And  also ordered  a new mop since I used my other one so much the handle broke off :)  I'm hoping this one lasts longer and so far it's been great!

Mason got  this corn hole set for Christmas and it's been so awesome for him.  He LOVES corn hole and it's great because he can throw all the bean bags one way and then go to the other end and throw them all back to the first board.

And Griffin got  this net which is so cool because you can adjust the heights, set it up anywhere and it's totally portable.  It all fits in a little carrying case and is super simple to set up.

This set of baby elves was primed to our front door and then arrived in a hot air balloon later that week.  They couldn't be cuter!

My math teacher dreams came true when I found this shirt for Christmas spirit week :)

And last, but not least - I ordered a second bottle of  the glamorous wash I just can't quit.  It's pricey but it smells INSANELY good and a little bit goes a long way.  When I do a full load I'll use my regular scent free washer tab with just a splash of the glamorous wash and my entire load (and my house!) smells delish!

Happy Tuesday, friends and HAPPY priming!

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  1. I grabbed the sling puck game for Christmas and it really is so much fun! Totally mindless, and everybody loves it!

  2. I love Mason Cash bowls! They are the ones that they use on the Great British Baking Show! I got a red one, my first, to use at Christmas.

  3. Love your Amazon posts and will be adding a couple of these things to an order later today. Why have I never had a disco ball collection? LOL!

  4. I have been using Diva laundry detergent for about 5 years now and it is amazing! We get stopped all the time by people to ask what smells so good!

  5. My coffee cup could never withstand the floorboard with my driving HAHA but I am intrigued. :) My dog had the same toy and tore it up in 1 day. :(

  6. Your baby elves arrived in a hot air balloon? Seriously?

  7. We just went through all our measuring cups and spoons too!

  8. My husband and I only buy the GoDog toys for our dog! They are still whole minus some tails and ears as well. I get them at HomeGoods for $7-$10!

  9. Thanks for all the recommendations. My son had a Sphero and absolutely loved it!

  10. Santa left Trash Pandas here too but we haven't played it yet. Glad to hear it's a win!

  11. Griffin might like The Ella Diaries series from US Borne books. It has been a hit with our daughter who was 7 when she got them this summer. They are written as diary entries with lots of doodles and pictures like you would journal in a diary. Very cute and easy to read!


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