Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Recap - Part 1

I feel like this Christmas break situation has been SO AWESOME this year - sometimes Christmas falls right after we get out of school and this year we had a full week to soak in all the pre-Christmas festivities like dressing Rosie up as a reindeer...

... baking...

... and having fun with the elf :) 

We celebrated with Dave's family Tuesday night with presents...

... Italian food...

... and some post-bedtime matching cousin pics :) 

My brother and his family and my parents came over Christmas Eve and we wore ALL the festive outfits...

.... ate ALL the tacos...

... and played with ALL the toys :)

Our cousin pics were a bit of a struggle but I secretly love how they turned out ;)  Someone remind me next time to do these at the beginning of the visit instead of the end!


We were so grateful to be able to go to an in-person Christmas Eve candlelight service...

... and came home to do a sibling gift exchange....

... and do scratch off lotto tickets :) hahaha

Both of these were new additions to Christmas Eve this year and they will both be happening yearly from now on!  Luke bought for Griffin, Griffin bought for Mason and Mason bought for Luke and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Seriously so sweet to see them really think about each others gift and then see how excited they were to give them!  Added bonus was some one-on-one time shopping!

Mason has been asking for a golf cart for Christmas and we've been adamantly been saying that that's not going to happen.  Griffin saw this randomly and thought it would be HILARIOUS to add to his present :)  Luke hates mayonnaise and Mason had to add in some mayo packets to Luke's gift. So much fun!

The scratch offs were actually an elf on the shelf idea I saw but we forgot to do it so we just brought out the cards on Christmas eve and it was a blast!  Luke won $2 but we all had a blast watching them scratch and talking about what we would do with the big prize :) 

We had appetizers for dinner and then played a few rounds of sjoelbak (a Dutch game we always played with my grandparents) before Gibi and Haha went home...

... and then we watched Home Alone, wrote our notes to Santa and set out the milk and cookies.

Such a sweet Christmas Eve!!!  Tomorrow I'll recap a bit about our Christmas Day because picture overload :)  

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. How fun!!! These ages are so fun with the kids...glad they buy for one another...ours are 17, 18, 20, & 22 and it was great to see how thoughtful they all were with their gifts this year (and we don’t “fund” them anymore!). I hope this is a week filled with relaxation and fun togetherness for you too.

  2. How were you able to have gatherings in the midst of Covid?

    1. The same way alot of us did...we just gathered. :)

  3. awwwww....what a great Christmastime you had! I love the pics of all the kiddos, but also the one of your mom snuggled up in her blanket sipping from a mug watching was so cozy!!!

  4. What a wonderful lead into Christmas! Schools up here rarely start winter break before the 23rd. It's a half day on the 23rd, the 24th starts break which runs through Jan 2nd (or the nearest weekday after the 1st). My mother in law loves to fill stocking for all the kids so she brings her own over Christmas day and she always has had a handful of scratch tickets for each of my boys. I have one that requested just 1 ticket this year as he finds it tedious to scratch them all off when we rarely have any winners (or winners over a dollar anyway).

  5. Love the picture of Rosie watching over Griffin sleeping! So protective and so sweet! Looks like y'all had some wonderful celebrations.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Love the pics! PS Random question - where did you get the bar on the side of your counter that has kitchen towels hanging on it? I have been needing one!


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