Thursday, November 12, 2020

Toddler Gift Guide

 Toddler gifts are some of my FAVORITES and I'm so excited to share this list!!!  I tend to go for non-electronic, long lasting toys that encourage creative play so here we go!


Magnatiles are one of our very favorite most-played with toys.  They use them to make castles for maileg mice, garages for hot wheels cars, and everything in between.  They do "designs" on the garage doors (because they're metal) and they're fun because the more pieces you have the more you can build so starting a collection makes for easy gift-giving for years to come.

Hands down the best stuffed animals you can buy.  So soft, wash well and last forever.  They also couldn't be cuter!

I loved that this doll house was less girly and can be played with from all sides.  

We got one of these trikes when Luke was about 3 years old and still have it (and a second one) and it's one of the few things I don't think I'll ever be able to part with.  They're so easy for kids to ride and they come in a ton of colors.  I love the vintage look and the seat moves WAY back so older kids can ride as well.

We have this block set and my kids have loved it!  The quality is absolutely unmatched and if you're looking for one keep an eye out on Google for small toy shops selling them because Amazon definitely has it priced WAY high.

This would have been right up Mason and Luke's alley when they were younger and, if I'm being honest, they probably wouldn't hate playing with it if my nephews had it :) hahaha  

This instrument set looks like so much fun!  

These paint sticks are perfect for little hands - we were introduced to them at Play Street years ago and have bought dozens of sets as gifts and to have at home.

Duplo would be my number one toddler gift recommendation.  We have a HUGE collection from years and years of Christmases and birthdays and they're awesome for building fine motor skills and they actually combine with smaller legos as your kids get older. 

If you don't have a wooden train set it's a must.  My boys played with trains for HOURS on end and they're a toy that I'll hold onto forever.  As soon as my nephews come over they head straight for the trains and it makes my heart so happy!

Griffin got this cafe from Santa last year and it is ridiculously cute in person.  The signage reverses to a BBQ restaurant and it's such great quality.  My kids LOVE imaginative play and this cafe has been a cafe, vet office, library and everything in between.

I haven't seen this set in person but they look so cool!  They're all filled with different materials and I think they'd be great fun for building and learning a little bit of geometry along the way.

I feel like this is the Cadillac of sand/water tables but if my kids were still babies/toddlers I would totally invest.  I love that it's not bright colors, I love the wood lid and I love that it looks like it will last for years and years.  Sand, water beads, straight water, etc.  SO MUCH FUN!

This tree building toy would be great for building fine motor skills and it's totally a toy I wouldn't mind having out on a shelf when the kids aren't playing with it.  It's bigger in person than this picture makes it look so be sure to check it out and look at the customer photos.

These came out after my boys were already riding bikes (or maybe I just didn't know about them) but the concept makes perfect sense and it would be a perfect Santa present. 

If you've followed my blog for a long time you probably remember seeing my house COVERED in these when my kids were younger.  They're awesome because they just pop open to create these tunnels and tents but fold up (like a car window visor) and fit in super small spaces for storage.  My kids even napped in their tents when they were younger and I can practically hear Griffin squealing and crawling through the tunnels after Mason when she was a baby.

These would be a great stocking stuffer!  My kids took tons of baths in the colder winter months when playing outside wasn't as much of an option and they days inside were LONG and all three of mine would have loved these!

This is the cutest pretend vacuum of all time.  If only the "play cleaning" continued into their pre-teen years :) hahahaha

Saranonis are THE BEST and the toddler to teen size is PERFECT for smaller kids (or as a car blanket).  My kids all got one probably 6 years ago and still have them. 

Another FAVORITE of my kids - it's a real working drill and they can drill the nuts and bolts into the lid creating designs.  I love that this one comes with a storage container!

If you have an art-lover this would be a great gift!  Add some of the Chunkies paint sticks and call it a day!

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  1. I don't have a toddler to buy for anymore but just wanted to say that your gift guides are my favorite! You always take the time to write out why you like something and those descriptions are what gets me to buy something. I'm sure it's super time consuming to put these together so thank you!!!!


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