Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thankful Pie


This was the quickest after school project EVER and a sweet little time talking about what we're thankful for.  I saw the idea  here and knew we had to try it out and this would be PERFECT if you're in charge of some sort of craft for a Thanksgiving party or if your'e going to have lots of kids over for Thanksgiving.

All we did was lightly separate a paper plate into 8 "slices" and then each of them wrote something they were thankful for in each of the blanks.  We used a glass bowl to cut out a circle from orange cardstock and then cut a slice out.  Last we attached the orange pie to the paper place with a brad in the center and finished it off by gluing on a cotton ball for whipped cream :) 

Griffin opted for glitter letter stickers...

... and Mason made his own block text (make sure your pie is laid out on the correct side before your kid decorates it or their words will look backwards).  

These couldn't have been easier and if you have kids who are too young to write they could draw pictures or even cut out pictures from magazines (maybe just divide their pie into four slices instead of 8).  You could make it a family pie and each write one or two things... tons of possibilities!

HAPPY Wednesday and happy crafting, friends!


  1. Love this! I'm subbing on Friday and am going to bring this as a backup activity if we have extra time!

  2. I did this same exact project with my boys when they were little (though my oldest wanted to use paint instead of orange paper. I loved reading their lists too.


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