Monday, November 23, 2020

Gift Guide: Teen/Tween Boys

My plan is to wrap up the gift guides this week and I had a surprising amount of fun putting this one together.

You can click on any of the images below to shop.

I feel like this gift is an easy win for tons of varying ages and interests.  Put it over a laundry hamper and it's a win for everyone :) 

I don't really know WHY they won't just tell you what they want so you can buy it for them (actually I do know - that would be too easy) ! hahaha

Luke got one of these for his birthday and he LOVES IT!  It was great for hanging out and working on school work while we were virtual as well.

We have a couple of these hammocks and the kids LOVE THEM!!!  They fold up teeny and you can hang them up tons of places.  Don't forget to get the components to hang it as well!

This speaker is 40% off and would be perfect to throw in a backpack to take with them on the go.  It connects via bluetooth and you can connect it to other speakers as well to create a stereo effect.  It's durable and can even get wet - boy proof!

I randomly came across one of these at Costco and immediately knew Luke would LOVE IT!  My brother had one of these when we were growing up and he and his friends always had it out and I think Luke and his friends will use it a ton as well!

This is Luke's favorite card game - it's super funny but also has a fair bit of strategy involved.   There are expansion packs you can get with additional cards that are fun as well.

I feel like these are on the top of every teens list this year.

Spike ball is a super fun game that's almost like volleyball with a trampoline - hahaha  That's a horribly description but it's really fun, is easy to play and all folds up into a little backpack so kids can take it with them to meet up with friends and play.

It keeps water cold all day and they last forever.

This is a "thing" that I totally don't "get" but all things Champion brand are super popular right now so I'm running with it. (gray pullover / socks

If you have a Lego lover on your hand these sets are great!

You can put this bar up for pull ups or put it lower in the bar to hold your feet for sit-ups as well.  

Luke was BIG into fishing this past Spring/Summer and his tackle box broke right before school started and I think this tacklebox backpack may end up under the tree for him.  It has tons of space for all the fishing gear along with little loops to hold his rods and enough space inside for bait, a water bottle, etc.  

We have a hoverboard and whenever the boys friends come over it's the first thing they all want to play with.  This one has a bluetooth speaker as well which I think is so fun.

This is another go-to gift... it lights up, turns off automatically when you're not using it and the basketball itself is great quality.

Drones have come a long way  and now you can get them where the pricing that doesn't make it a huge investment for kids to play with. This one has really great reviews and looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Enough said :) 

I thought this Nalgene looked really cool because it has a filter inside so no matter where you're getting your water from it's filtered when you drink it!

I think any gaming system would be a solid choice but the Switch is one my boys love a lot!

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  1. Great ideas! Totally added that hammock to cart!

    1. Carter will LOVE IT especially when y'all go to the ranch!

  2. Boys are so hard, so this list is PERFECT!!

  3. Nice! My son is 6 and I think he would be into a lot of this stuff too!!

  4. Great ideas! My kids love their Nintendo Switch! Need to see what the Exploding Kittens card game is all about. We could use a new game.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  5. We LOVE Exploding Kittens! My oldest son asked for a Nintendo Switch this year; they were really hard to find but my younger two just love theirs.


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