Monday, October 26, 2020

Weekend top 7

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm going to keep things short today because 1) mama's tired and 2) mama's tired :) hahaha

Friday night we headed to the varsity football game and FROZE OUR TAILS OFF!  It was seriously sol cold!  Griffin and I hung out for pre-game and then about 10 minutes of the first quarter before heading home because we were frozen!

The boys hung out for the whole game and Mason and a couple of his buddies got to be ball boys which he thought was the best thing EVER!

Saturday morning we headed to our nephews "First Rodeo" and it was seriously the cutest thing ever.  What's cuter than one baby turning one?  Two of them. :) 

I mean.... if you don't look like this after you eat a red velvet cupcake did you EVEN do it right?

Saturday night we set up the projector outside and had our first "trampoline movie night"  The kids strung up a bunch of twinkle lights and drug out ALLLL The pillows and blankets and it was absolutely perfect weather.  Before the sun went down we had pizza and played games...

And then when it was dark enough it was movie time!

These two didn't make it through - all that fresh air :) 

Sunday afternoon Mason's team had their first playoff game of the season.  It was cold and rainy but they played SO HARD and will be in the championship next weekend!

Rosy-cheeked and soaked all the way through after the game was over!  Mason and Dave stayed to watch another game but these two and I headed out because #notworthit :) hahaha

It was a perfect family weekend and we're ready to tackle the LAST WEEK of October!  Seriously though... how did that happen??!?!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. It looks like your twins are different sizes! My daughter has triplets and a pound separated the heaviest from the lightest at birth. The doctor said by 18 months they would all be the same size. They never were and even at 14, the one who was heaviest at birth has really outgrown the other two (but they are the identicals). Multiples are fun!

  2. The trampoline movie night looks awesome! #goals Have a wonderful last week of October. :)

  3. How did you like the screen and projector?

  4. That trampoline movie night sounds so fun!

  5. Gosh what a fun family weekend! And I agree, how is it the end of October?!


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