Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Thanksgiving Books

Today I'm sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving themed books in case you're like me and like to get a head start on priming things (or reserving books at your library!)  so you can enjoy them the whole month :) 

First up is  Apple Cake.  It's a new addition to our bookshelf and it's SO SWEET!

The illustrations are DARLING and it rhymes which I love.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is more just "fall" than Thanksgiving but it is SUCH a sweet story.  

Fletcher the fox has a favorite tree outside of his den and he tries with all his might to save the leaves from falling off until...

... the first frost comes and makes the tree even more beautiful than before.  The story is really sweet and again, beautiful illustrations we love.

Little Acorn is another really sweet Fall book.  

It's a little bit juvenile for my boys but Griffin has really enjoyed the story and the pictures are so cute. 

There's a lot of great info in it as well and I think if you have preschool/early elementary aged kids it would be a big ht during acorn finding months :) 

I Am Thankful follows three different families and their Thanksgiving tradition, acts of kindness and ways of giving back. 

I loved that at the end of the book it details several ways kids and families can practice thankfulness.

Sweep is my new favorite book.  I was initially drawn in by the fall leaves but the story is so much better than just that. 

Ed's bad mood starts off small and then gets swept out of control and spreads all over the city...

... the book does a great job talking about how that impacts others, how quickly it gets out of control and how easy it was to let something small escalate into something big.

Thanksgiving in the Woods  gives me ALLLLL the Fall feels.

It's based on the story of an actual NY family who hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving for their family every year and y'all... I want to be part of their family!

Balloons Over Broadway gives insight into the life and work of the puppeteer who started the tradition of the balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

This book has beautiful illustrations and a great story but still has lots of fun facts and great information.

If you're looking for a little background info for your kids before the parade this year (is there going to be a parade?!?!) be sure to check this one out!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. I want to read Apple Cake. It will be my November book. ;)

    1. This made me lol, I know you're not a reader. It does look like a lovely book. :-) I'm at the point in my life where I order these great shares for future grandkids.

  2. When our kids were growing up (they are your age) one of our favorite things to do was to hang out at the book store. I still miss doing that so much! You've convinced me to begin collecting children's books again. They are just so special!!

  3. Oh...children's books are my favorite!! We added Balloons over Broadway after you suggested it years ago to remind us of the year we went to the Macy's parade in person and it's a treasured memory now. I am adding Apple Pie and I Am Thankful to our list right now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love love love holiday books! We amassed quite a collection when the kids were little, and this year, I've started purging, only keeping those that I truly love. One of our favorite fall books is Too Many Pumpkins!

  5. Great list - can't wait to order the acorn book for my toddlers. Have you thought about incorporating books that feature indigenous voices/stories to help decolonize Thanksgiving? Here are some great suggestions: https://medium.com/age-of-awareness/decolonizing-thanksgiving-a-toolkit-for-combatting-racism-in-schools-5d4e3023a2f8

  6. We've read a few of these over the years and just LOVE Balloons Over Broadway and Thanksgiving in the Woods.

  7. girl, you know you need all the Henry and Mudge seasonal books....unless you already have them, then disregard. :)

  8. Love Balloons over Broadway especially since I marched in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade back in 1991. I was pregnant with my 3 son and super nauseous. Had a sleeve of saltines in my costume :)

  9. We have so many great books from your recommendations! Adding Sweep and I Am Thankful today. :)

  10. I'm adding Apple Cake to our collection! One of our faves is "Milly and the Macy's Day Parade."

  11. My son Fletcher loves that whole Fletcher series - there's a book for every season. The Fall one is so sweet. We love the book Thankful by Eileen Spinelli.


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