Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! It is GLORIOUS outside today with awesome weather this weekend which you know means it's going to be a great day :)  

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First up on my list of FAVORITES is this volleyball picture of Griffin.  A mom went to practice last week and snapped pics of each of the girls and I couldn't get over how grown up G looked in hers!!!

These two in their jerseys is a FAVORITE...

... and when some of the 4th graders and little sisters came to cheer for Mason's game last weekend it was a FAVORITE :)  Each girl got to pick a cheer to lead and it was the sweetest!

Griffin's FAVORITE day this week was she got to cash in a reward she earned and bring a doll to school...

... and these two doing a "hair check" before heading to school was one of my FAVORITE moments.

One of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions are matching jammies and  I found some CUUUUTE ones for half off last week.  They still on sale and you can check them out HERE.  I loved all of the patterns and they come in baby, kid, adult and even maternity sizing!

Another FAVORITE was getting this birthday invitation!  CAN YOU EVEN with how precious they are?!?! 

Movie time is everybody's FAVORITE...

... and an EARLY morning volleyball game was one of her FAVORITE things from the weekend.

These two looking cute at a gender reveal for some of our FAVORITE people...

.... and one of my FAVORITE easy dresses.

Watching Rosie grow (and outgrow the kids!) is a FAVORITE for all of us!

I have laughed and laughed about fanny packs coming "back" but when I started to see people wearing them like a crossbody I was intrigued!  I grabbed  this one and it's my new FAVORITE purchase.  I love the color, I love the size, I love that I can be totally hands free when we ride bikes or walk to the park but I can still have chap stick, hand wipes, etc.

The color is what sold me the most and I have a few bags that are this brand that last FOREVER!

Our favorite after dinner activity is walking around the neighborhood.  We like to stop at the park and Rosie likes to stop as well... keeping an eye on the foot traffic and making sure her kids are safe ;)

There's a new book in Mason's FAVORITE series and he was SO EXCITED when I grabbed it at Costco this week.  

Last, but not least - I am a BIG fan of both cheese and caramel popcorn so this huge bag from Costco is my new FAVORITE snack.  

This weekend we have yard work to do, volleyball to play and friends to hang out with - can't wait!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend too!

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  1. That popcorn is THE BEST!!! So good!!

  2. I intrigued about what is around Rosie's snout. We have a large rottie.

    1. Looks like a Gentle Leader.

    2. It’s a gentle leader and it’s been an absolute game changer for walks. Rosie is pretty great on a leash but at over 100 lbs if she decided to “go” there would be no way they could stop her. The gentle leader was recommended by our neighbor who’s a vet and has large dogs... it gives you control over their head so they really can’t pull. It’s wonderful!!!

  3. Can you tell me about that favorite “easy dress” of yours? It looks so comfy.

  4. Those pjs give me all the happy feels!!!

  5. I'm totally here for G in the denim jacket with the popped collar.

  6. All these munchkin pics make me so happy! Reminding me of my wonderful times with my own kids and now my baby grandsons:) Come link up with me:) Have a great weekend xx

  7. That is the cutest birthday party invite! I love that volleyball photo.

  8. Where are you bookshelves from? Thanks!!

  9. Rosie is perfection along with those sweet kiddos!


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