Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fall Gazebo

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I thought I'd give you a quick peek at an area of our house that is making me EXTRA happy right now... our gazebo!  When we started our pool renovation (which I promise I'll share when it's complete - OMG) our plan was to tear it down but then the pool itself took literally 10 times longer than what we anticipated, I watched Gilmore Girls again and got sentimental about the gazebo and we moved our older furniture out here and decided to leave it for now.  Last weekend we went a little pumpkin crazy and have been enjoying lots of cooler evenings out there for games and dessert.

I wish the mums out front were blooming but LOOK at how pretty!!! I found these tri-colored ones at Home Depot and can't wait for them to bloom!  The one that's blooming is inside the gazebo and I love it so much!

The pumpkins I got at Trader Joes and Calloways...

And I generally pick based on the stems :)  I LOVE a good pumpkin stem!

Our FAVORITE time to hang out out here is after dinner.  Twinkle lights make everything better!  Griffin added in some little battery-operated candles and it looks SO CUTE!

This season has been so sweet because Griffin has been SO EXCITED about helping me with everything.  Look at how PUMPED she is about our decorations!

I mean!!!

I hope you enjoyed our quick little tour - the gazebo is getting a few small updates next month (paint, some landscaping, etc.) and hopefully some more lights.  We had such a great time getting this together and she and I are already brainstorming ideas for Christmas!  I'm for sure thinking that we need garlands along the railings and possibly a tree out there as well.  Thoughts???

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!  


  1. I am so glad you didn't have this torn down! I think you'll love it even more when you make the other updates. I think you should do garlands, a tree and more lights! I would make it as bright and festive as possible, if it were me. Who'd have thought our own homes/backyards would make us so happy this year? It's definitely the year of the home.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Definitely the year of the home <3

  2. It is beautiful. I make your pumpkin cake last weekend and was thrilled that my husband could eat it easily (he has ALS). My son in law got some too and said it was better than the last carrot cake he had!

  3. Christmas is going to look amazing in there!

  4. Where did you planters come from, the tall black ones,

  5. Definitely a tree in the gazebo at Christmas!!

    I made your pumpkin cake this weekend and took it to dinner at my Moms. Everyone loved it!! I added pecans to the batter and it was so yummy....thank you for sharing!

  6. Aren't you glad you kept it? It's perfect!

  7. Oh I love it!! And now you inspired me to go watch Gilmore Girls!!

  8. I love your little space! So festive! :)

  9. The gazebo looks so good. I think you will love having it over the years. I say keep it. I'm a sentimental, hard to part with things girl, though. Ha


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