Monday, September 28, 2020

What we did this weekend...

 Even with an extra day thrown in there the weekend somehow FLEW by!  Here's what we were up to...

TCU played this weekend and Mason got Rosie all ready to watch the game from home.  

And imagine our surprise when friends who were at the game sent us a picture of Mason and Rosie on the big screen at the stadium! hahaha I shared the picture on my IG and tagged TCU Football and didn't know that they were sharing the pictures.  SO MUCH FUN!

Griffin and I had fun making a dessert for our small group (it was a hit and I'll be sure to share later!)...

... and Rosie sat on Mason and he literally couldn't get up - dramatic much??? :) hahaha

The kids and I recreated a picture from exactly 7 years ago...

Griffin had a cheer clinic on Saturday for Homecoming week.  She's SO EXCITED!!!

Gary Patterson got a bath (and Rosie helped)...

I perused  our local garden center and lamented the fact that our yard is still trashed due to the never-ending pool project.  One day, my lovelies.  One day.

I made a pit stop at Homegoods and found these cuties...

... and Rosie got stuck on the ottoman :) 

And Mason's team had another great game.  It was HOT out there but they're so much fun to watch.

HAPPY Monday, friends!!


  1. That pic of Mason and Rosie is AMAZING!!

  2. Haha the pictures with Rosie always have me laughing. Oh my goodness, bring me all the gorgeous it was hard to walk away from those beauties.

  3. Mason and Rosie are the cutest duo EVER!


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