Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  We are ready for the weekend over here, how about y'all?!?!?!

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I feel like I'm hitting my stride a bit more this week BUT 2020 is still on my short list ;)

My FAVORITE bracelets are 30% off this weekend and if you've had your eye on them now's the time to shop!  You have to use the code ONEYEAR to get the discount.

I watched American Gospel on Netflix a few weeks ago and it is SO GOOD!  If you're looking for a documentary to watch this weekend check it out!

My FAVORITE pic from the week!  Look at those cute cousins!!!

So many people asked me about  this dress when I shared a picture earlier this week and I found it from a really unique shop on Etsy.  Everything is one-of-a-kind but they have lots of beautiful pieces in their shop.

I've had my classroom door open A LOT lately and this cracked me up because it's so true!

Last week they set up the football tunnel for the elementary kids to run through on their way to lunch and look at this picture the school shared... 

... pure JOY and one of my FAVORITE moments from last week.

Me and my FAVORITE girl headed to church last weekend in one of our FAVORITE colors ;)

My other FAVORITE girl (and Jelly Bean, too - hahaha)

Early mornings are way more fun with my three FAVORITE people...

And Rosie's FAVORITE spot is wherever Mason is ;) hahaha

HAPPY Friday, friends!  This weekend we have big plans to clean our rooms (hahaha), hang out with cousins, go to a football scrimmage and Griffin is getting her ears pierced!  EEEEK!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That cousin photos is so sweet and the picture of Rosie with Mason made me chuckle. Quite a lapdog you've got there!

  2. Your 2020 memes get me every time! Spot on- too funny! Happy weekend!

  3. When will I read one of your posts and not want to comment on Rosie? Not today. ;) SHE'S AMAZING!!!

  4. That 2020 true!! 0.0 patience left. That dress is so cool!! I love one of a kind items. Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Love the shot of Rosie and Mason! Perhaps you could give me a suggestion on where to get a 'Math Lover' shirt for a girl that would wear a size 12. Math lover graphics would please her a lot!

  6. Haha, I can not believe how big Rosie is!
    It's so odd how different this school year is vs other years! The past few years we have been all about "keep all doors shut, locked if possible" for security reasons. This year all the doors (except exterior) are propped open!

  7. Rosie's big little tongue...adorable! When you shouted out to Jelly Bean all I could think of was your other girl Gary Patterson, LOL! Can't wait to see Griffin's earrings, my 15yo got her second holes last weekend. :)

  8. Which green color is the bracelet with the Allie and Bess stack? I love it!

  9. Oh my goodness...this dog gives me life!!!Sweet Rosie sitting on Mason is hysterical...huge is all I can say lol. I love the Allie and Bess bracelets...newly discovered but well worth every dime. Yours are gorgeous. I'm assuming the green and pink color are 6mm... can you share the exact colors if you happen to see this?

  10. So glad you mentioned American Gospel! I watched a few weeks ago and so many points have stuck with me! I’m excited to watch the second one.

  11. Mason and Rosie are adorable, and Rosie is huge! Also, I love your hair in your off to church pic with G. How do you get the waves? It's the perfect done but effortless style!

  12. How fun your week's been! I'm loving your dressed for church pink dresses and Oh, my goodness, How big has Rosie gotten?!

  13. That itty bitty bag is hilarious and too true! :) Thanks for hosting!


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