Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Back-to-School Favorites

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

 Today I thought I'd share some of our Back-to-school FAVORITES in case your crew is getting ready to head back

Luke has had the same backpack since I believe first grade.  It still looks great and has held up PERFECTLY but as he heads into middle school he wanted something new and he picked out this camo backpack.

I was super impressed with the price and the quality...

Luke really likes that it opens all the way up (and I appreciate that you can clean it out way easier that way - hahaha)

There are a ton of pockets and pouches and he's loving it!

Griffin is using  this denim backpack...

... that she has personalized just a tad :) 

Mason is still using  his TCU backpack.

I was so excited to find  these washable lunchbags - they're HUGE on the inside and will hold their  Yumboxes, a thermos and a hydroflask.  And did I mention that they're washable??? :)

I mean - look at all that space!!!  They're not insulated but with an ice pack thrown in there I'm not concerned about it.

Griffin didn't have her own thermos so I grabbed this pink one for her and it's so cute and has a metal spoon in the lid!

She's already used it a few times and has mentioned how much she likes the spoon :)

If you're looking for some ideas of what to pack in lunches you can check out  this post I wrote last Fall...

I'm back to writing lunchbox notes and picked up a couple of new packs to supplement my dwindling stash.  

I grabbed  this pack of 60...

Here are a few other favorites that I've used as well...

and last but not least  LABELS!!!  I label ALLLLLL  the things (especially since my kids wear the exact same things to school as every other kid - hahaha) and you can write on them with Sharpie, stick them onto clothing or notebooks or water bottles and they last through the dishwasher and washing machine.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. That backpack is so totally Mason! :)

  2. Love those lunch notes! I want someone to include them in my lunch box!

  3. Label. Everything. I am a kindergarten teacher and while people with label their kids jackets and sometimes shoes, the forget about mittens, hats, hoodies etc. Even though my school doesn't do uniforms on any given year there will be 8 boys with the same spiderman shoes. It is so much easier to locate things when they are labelled. Also, do NOT send your kids in tie shoes if they can't tie their own shoes. I keep seeing all of these influencers shilling these adorable tie shoes for preschool and kindergarten and I am like, "NOOOOOOOO." LOL.

  4. I love G's personalized backpack! Do you remember where you got the little cub patches by chance? Cub is my sister's nickname, and I'd love to get them for her!

  5. Ordering those labels right now! I'd love to order those lunch box notes too but I don't think my high schooler would appreciate them at all.

  6. I put those labels on the kids masks and they work great! Still looking good after several washes!


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