Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Amazon Lately

First up is  this "pet broom".  I saw it on a few people's instagrams and was skeptical but excited to try it myself and IT IS SO GROSS!!! But in a good way :)  We vacuum often - like at least once a day with either our Dyson animal or Dyson stick vacuum and have a Roomba as well.  I wasn't expecting to get much out of my carpets but imagine my surprise when A TON of fuzz, hair, dust, etc. came out of rugs and carpets.  I had more success with the flat "squeegee" side but have been "raking" our carpets nonstop since.  If you head to my IG stories today I'll share a video - prepare to be grossed out!

It's no secret that Rosie is a BIG GIRL. She's really great on walks but if she decides she wants to go (or not go) it's nearly impossible to get her moving.  I hate how regular collars/leashes pull on their necks and so I picked up  this harness and we've been SO IMPRESSED!  It's super easy to put on, doesn't bother Rosie at all and makes walking her a breeze.  We started her off in the medium and she's now in the large size.

I picked up  these eye patches and they have been DELIGHTFUL!  I keep mine in the fridge and put them on at night after I've done my regular routine and they feel SO GOOD!   I can't say whether or not they've helped with wrinkles (I've only been using them for about two weeks) but I love them just for the coldness and the moisturizing.

I put up a bulletin board in my office and ordered  these pushpin clips because I had several old photographs that I didn't want to poke holes through.  They look great!

I ordered  this rolling container to keep Rosie's dog food in and it is WONDERFUL!  It fits perfectly under the bottom shelf in our pantry and holds a 40 lb bag and was under $25!

I've mentioned  Monopoly Deal before but it's hands down our FAVORITE game right now because a round is typically about 10 minutes, there's strategy involved and the tables can turn quickly!  It's under $6 and all three of my kids can play and Dave and I really enjoy it!

If you're looking for boys athletic shorts that are above-the-knee  these are SO CUTE!  The material is awesome (it's the kind that won't snag) and they have POCKETS!  Mason has them in black and white and wears them constantly!

Griffin LOVES all of my pins and I grabbed  this set on Amazon for $12 and the pins are SO CUTE!  She pinned them on her backpack and LOVES them!  

Last, but not least I picked up  this pool float and we can't wait to blow it up!  We're waiting until all the construction is done (our rainbow popped during an unfortunate masonry accident - hahaha) but look how cute it is!!!

Happy shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links.  Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. We used to have one of those pet brooms and loved it!! I shared my Amazon finds last Friday if you're curious and want to check it out:

    Have a great day!

  2. keep us updated on the eye pads please!!!

  3. We have the pet food container and love it! And we're all fans of Monopoly Deal. Great finds!

  4. I always love your amazon posts! What is the sizing like on the Adidas shorts?

  5. Such great finds and loving that pool float!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  6. Can you link the pool float again? The current link leads to your journal notebook:)

  7. I have the pet broom, and I love it. I also have fur-zoff pet hair remover for my furniture. It's amazing, and possibly my favorite thing, ever, from Amazon!

  8. We used to have one of those pet brooms when I was growing up (and we had pets); it worked great!

  9. This is the second place I have seen the pet broom being shared for it's wonder and I laugh every time I see it because my parents have had one for years but since we live in Canada it was mainly used to clean snow off of our vehicles! So handy tip, it's great for that too!


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