Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Choose Your Own Adventure Drawings

One of my very favorite picture books is  Home by Carson Ellis.

It shows homes of all different sizes, shapes and types and has spurred a lot of fun conversations at our house about what it would look like to live on a house boat or tour bus or in a shoe :)

We were talking about drawing fun "homes" of our own but my kids were struggling on the creativity front so I came up with what they dubbed "choose your own adventure drawings" :) 

I wrote out a few descriptive words and then the same number of "homes", cut them apart and put them in two separate bowls.


The kids and I each pulled out a descriptive word and a location and then got to work!  Open-ended projects like this are always my favorite because my kids personalities are SO APPARENT. 

Luke got "underground doghouse" and he broke out the ruler, mechanical pencil and light board...

... and made his on two sheets of paper so when you held it up to the light you could see the underground portion that he'd drawn on the second sheet.  In typical Luke fashion it's still a work in progress and he has plans to add a third layer of paper.

Griffin was "outer space school" and hers used #allthecolors...

... and Mason's "flying igloo" took on a life of it's own that couldn't be contained to a single sheet of paper :) 

All three of my kids LOVED this little project - start to finish it was probably 45 minutes and used things we had.  The best kind of project :) 

We kept the slips of paper and put them all back in the bowls and they've requested we do thig again soon so I'm counting that as a win!

Happy Wednesday and happy creating, friends!!!

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