Thursday, May 14, 2020

Staying Busy Part III

Today I thought I'd share a few fun little things we've been doing - crafts, experiments, etc. 

First up is this PRECIOUS project that Griffin did for school.  Her teacher is incredible and does this as a final "prayer journal" project fo their class and I have one for each of my kids.  They had to paint a piece of paper leaving no white space... they could paint it however they wanted.  Then they had to write a prayer and send it to their teacher who typed it into lines and emailed it back for us to print.  Then we had to take a picture of her praying and print it out in black in white.  She cut the photo and words out and then assembled it all and it's SO PRECIOUS.

This was the final piece of her prayer journal but you could easily do it with any picture and then words describing your child or an original poem they wrote.  It could be a picture of them with a grandparent or friend they haven't seen in a while and would be a really cute Father's Day gift idea.

Griffin covered hers with glitter glue and then I laminated it and it's my favorite keepsake from first grade.  

Next up was a super simple and quick rainbow experiment. The kids colored rainbow colors on the ends of a paper towel...

... and then we stuck each end in a glass of water and watched the rainbow grow.

Mason has been all about what he calls "AAAAHHHHH" pictures...

... because AHHHHHH!!!  ;)

We also made lava lamps by pouring vegetable oil into glasses and then adding a little less than equal parts water (you really don't have to be exact)...

... dropping in some food coloring...

... and then popping in an alka seltzer tab.

As the tablet hits the water carbon dioxide is created which makes bubbles mixing the food coloring and then traveling up through the oil and then they pop and fall back down.

And last, but not least... Mason has created a marble run using toilet paper rolls on our window.  Those were words I never thought I'd type ;)  He's been collecting them seriously for months with no particular project in mind.  This week inspiration struck and the next thing I knew we had this taped to a window.  #becausequarantine

Happy Thursday, friends!!! Here's hoping that you found an idea or two to keep your kiddos busy!


  1. What laminator and laminating sheets do you use?

    1. I talked about them in my January Amazon post :)

  2. If you guys haven't checked out ArtHubforKids yet, you really should! I think your kiddos would enjoy it! They're on IG but we watch the lessons on YouTube

    1. Oh fun! We;ll be checking it out for sure - thanks so much for the recommendation!

  3. Saving these for niece/nephew! Hope everyone is well!

  4. So much creativity happening at your house! GG's project is precious, definitely a keeper;).


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