Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Weekend Top 10

This weekend was such a full and fun one but I'm going to try and condense it down into my top 10...

Dave surprised me with flowers for Valentine's Day/my birthday and they were INCREDIBLE!!!

Absolutely stunning and all locally grow and full of my favorite colors and beautiful all the way around.  He ordered from the same shop last year and I don't know how but she outdid herself again!

The kids all had Valentine's parties on Friday and while I was able to poke my head into Mason and Griffin's I couldn't stay long and am SO GRATEFUL for friends who send me fantastic pics!

Dave picked up some balloons (Dollar Tree for the WIN!) and I rolled out some Valentine's Day wrapping paper and we had a short but sweet little celebration on Friday afternoon before Dave headed back to work...

Their excitement about Griffin's little diary was PRECIOUS!

We wrapped up the night with a giant pizza followed by ice cream sundaes.  Yes ma'am.

Saturday was my birthday and it started bright and early with cards in bed and I spent the rest of the day doing what I love the most - hanging with these three :)  Dave had to go into work around noon and the rest of us went to Mason's basketball game, a couple of errands....

... and then to a bday party for one of Griffin's classmates.

It was a GORGEOUS day...

... and they all had so much fun.

You might be from Texas if you fed cattle at a birthday party :)

One of my friends is FANTASTIC behind the camera (she took G's kinder graduation photos) and look how PRESH these pics are!

G and G :)  Sweetest little friends!!!

Seriously.  I can't handle how cute they are!

My favorite part of the entire party was when Mason had to ride the train with his sister.  Y'ALL!!!  

Sunday Mason's basketball team played in the championship game and they played SO HARD and came in second.  So proud of these boys!  It was their first season and they improved an unbelievable amount.

Griffin has one of my old cameras (it doesn't work) that she likes to carry around and "take pictures" with...

... and if you need someone to be your biggest fan I highly suggest asking Griffin because I'm not sure there's ever been a prouder little sister :) 

SO PROUD of our Moose!  He played his little heart out and showed a ton of grit and great sportsmanship.

Mason forgot to make Gary Patterson a Valentine's Day card on Valentine's Day so Saturday morning (after I opened my birthday cards) Gary joined me in bed for a special presentation of her Valentine's card.  Spoiler alert - she loved it.

Sunday night the kids planned a birthday celebration for me that included bowling...

... and dinner at one of my favorite places. 

It was a FULL weekend and we spent yesterday hanging out, playing with friends and doing a whole lot of nothing major.  

Thank y'all so much for the birthday wishes over the weekend and yesterday!  You know how to make a girl feel loved and I so appreciate it!

HAPPY Tuesday!!!


  1. It has to the be lock on that diary that made those boys so interested. haha!

  2. So much cuteness, but OH MY WORD at those flowers!!!!! GORGEOUS!

  3. The flowers are GORGEOUS and I literally giggled aloud at Mason reading Gary her valentine. Such adoration!

  4. What a sweet weekend. Gary's Valentine's card is such a sweet moment.

  5. Those flowers are my favorite.

  6. You are one blessed woman! Such a sweet weekend :)



  7. Your blog posts make me want to be a better mom. You are so inspiring to me as a woman and mom and I really appreciate you.

  8. Love it! Happy bday! Where are G's leopard shoes from? so cute!!

  9. Yes! Where are her jeans and shoes from?


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