Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Women

Today I'm sharing a Valentine's Day gift guide for women so you can drop a link to this post in an email to your husband/boyfriend/etc. and pass along a few hints.  My lofty plan was to share guides for women, men, kids and teachers but somehow I forgot how long these guides take and so here we are :)   I'm going to work on the others this weekend and hopefully publish them in a single post next week.  You can click on any of the pictures below to shop the item and if you have any questions just let me know!

I feel like  Bogg Bags have been on all my gift guides lately but that's because THEY'RE THE BEST!!!  I use them constantly and I it's perfect as we head into Spring and Summer for toting ALL THE THINGS to the park, ball fields, vacation, beach, pool, etc.

These Nikes are SO CUTE and remind me of my favorite pair of pink internationalists that I get questions about all the time.

I got  these peace earrings last year and wear them CONSTANTLY.  I get tons of compliments on them and they'd make a great gift because they're a little on the pricier end so maybe not something you'd pick up for yourself.

My favorite sweater of all time is this one my Free People.  It's roomy, great with leggings and cotton so it's warm but not hot.

I got  air pods last Fall and am not sure how I lived without them.  I use them every single day and they're one of my very favorite purchases EVER.

Don't get me wrong... I love Barefoot Dreams.  BUUUUT I love the UGG clothing items even more because HOLY COW are they soft!  I have a couple of the UGG ponchos and they're lined with the most ridiculously soft fabric and  this robe is lined with the same fabric and I've had it in and out of my cart at least a dozen times.  SO GOOD.

I  wear my Waxing Poetic necklace pretty much daily and love their insignia charms (letters), chains and  the nest charms.  They come with 1-5 hearts in them and I think that they're PRECIOUS!

Another really sweet gift idea would be  these beaded custom name bracelets.  You could do your anniversary date, kids names or initials, a special saying/word, etc.   The price point is great and they stack beautifully with other bracelets you may have.

I don't own  this particular set of stacking rings but I am LOVING the stacking/stamped ring trend.  I actually just ordered a set from a girl on instagram and I would share her info but she's not accepting orders right now.  Like the bracelets, these would be cute with kids names/initials, wedding anniversary date, etc.

If you haven't pulled the trigger yet on some great skincare products - Valentine's Day could be the perfect time to treat yo' self :)  My current favorites from Colleen Rothschild are  the cleansing balm and  retinol serum but you really can't go wrong with any of her products.

My go-to candles are always  Capri Blue Volcano candles and this giant one would be such a special gift because it's not something I'd grab for myself.  The jars are so pretty and the candles have always burned so well for me.  LOVE!

My all-time favorite perfume is  Bright Crystal by Versace.  It's light and bright and not too flowery.  I get compliments on it all the time and the scent lasts all day.

How cute is  this tumbler?!?!  One of my favorite things is a cold diet coke over pebble ice in a great cup.  I know.

Last, but not least are  Saranoni Blankets.  Saranonis are the BEST blankets of all time... I've raved about them for about 5 years and it's my goal to make sure as many people as possible try them for themselves :) hahaha

Happy Shopping and happy hint-dropping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Fun list! Just a little suggestion...I had a capri blue candle once that burned unevenly and I ended up losing like half of the wax because there was no wick left. The lady at the store told me that you really need to burn them at least an hour at a time to prevent that. I was trying to save it to make it last longer and in turn did the opposite!

    1. I have the same happen! I use a wax warmer when the wick runs out and I have lots of candle wax left. I will try the longer burning time.

    2. yes! Make sure that you're letting the entire top layer of wax get hot so you don't get "tunneling". I've also found that if I don't trim the wicks it helps as well... they kind of take care of themselves and my candles burn much more even. Great tips, Dana!

  2. Capri Blue candles are my jam! I love the containers change seasonally. They will remain my #1 but..........Bath and Body Works has a dupe called Sun Washed Citrus. I stocked up on a few and love that i can use them with “no guilt”.

    1. Ooooh! I need to check them out! The problem that I have is that I'm spoiled by how one Capri Blue candle can make my entire house smell good while other brands don't seem to give out as much scent. I'm for sure willing to try though :)

  3. I have that leopard cup and ice is literally still in it the next day.
    I also may or may not have the coffee mug version of it, and it keeps my coffee hot for hours. Great purchase!

  4. Love it all! I'm especially eyeing those rings!

  5. I bought a BOGG bag after seeing them on your page last spring. I have two now. They are the best ever!!!


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