Monday, January 13, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!  Here are my top 10 scenes from the weekend...

Friday afternoon I was able to head out of school early (no staff meeting - woohoo!!!!) and I grabbed the kids, booked it home and we snuggled up on the couch with movies and snacks for the afternoon/evening.  We had some pretty crazy storms so it was nice to be all tucked in together at home.

Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW!!!  It was just a light dusting here and nothing really stuck but you better believe we got out in it to catch a few flakes on our tongues and attempt a snowball or two.

Post-snow we warmed up be the fire with snuggles and mugs full of breakfast casserole :) 

Mason had a basketball game that afternoon and his team is so much fun to watch.  I'm realizing quickly that I'm going to have to upgrade my current lens situation if I'm going to stand a chance of grabbing a good pic.

Random - but our NYE mantle is going strong because I just can't quit the light it casts all over our family room in the afternoon.  This weekend was particularly sparkly.

The rest of Saturday was super laid back.  Lots of reading...

... playing school...

... and creating in their rooms.  My boys are OBSESSED with using hot glue which has led to a ton of fun and creative creations.

Look at that house...

And Luke worked on a D-Day diorama complete with a plane flying overhead.  Because of course he did ;)

Sunday scenes looked a lot like making chocolate chip cookies....

... getting prepped and ready for the school week...

... and ending the weekend on a high note with a friends game night. 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!  Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I missed you yesterday!!!!!!!! That's all. Happy Monday! xx

  2. Before you invest in a new lens for all the action, you should check out They have a bunch of lenses you can “rent” for a week or more. It’s great for vacations or testing one out before you purchase. They had great customer service too.

    1. That's amazing!!! I totally didn't know that was a thing! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  3. Now you're making me want cookies. Darn you!

    And you should totally take those disco balls and hang them all over your classroom! That would be so much fun.

    1. I'm not sure how long they'd last in my classroom :) hahahaha

  4. I would give anything for a warm mug of breakfast casserole right now.

  5. I saw a commercial last night for a new show on Fox called Lego Master. I immediately though of Luke when I saw it.

  6. This is a question you've probably been asked before, but the desk & the shelves in Luke's room...where are they from? I have a big LEGO lover and we need some display shelves and I love the look of his. and I love his desk :)

    1. It's all from IKEA and you can find all the details on this post...


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