Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Amazon Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends!  It's been a while since I shared some Amazon finds and so today I'm recapping a few of the fun things that have landed on our doorstep in the past couple of months. 

First up is  Left, Center, Right. I have no idea how I didn't know this game existed but Santa brought it for Mason's stocking and we've been playing non-stop since then.  IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! I love how simple it is and how "it's not over 'til it's over"... even if you're "out" you can get back in and even end up winning.  It's hilarious and fun and we love it a BUNCH.

Next up is  this faucet.  Our previous faucet started leaking and couldn't be repaired and when I started looking at faucets I was SHOOK over how much they cost.  Seriously.  I found this beauty for around $100 on Amazon.  It's great quality and is beautiful.  I absolutely love it!

These cuties landed in my stocking this year and I'm not sure how I lived before them.  They're less than $2/each and I use the every day to hold back my hair as I wash my face and/or put on makeup.  

A few months ago a friend and I were talking about looking for a device that would enable us to communicate with our kids but with no smartphone capabilities... essentially we wanted really long range walkie-talkies.  She discovered  the Relay device and we both ordered immediately.  It's a $10/month fee that doesn't have anything to do with your cell phone plan (you pay the fee to Relay... it's not adding a line or anything) and you can communicate with other Relay users (Mason has a chat set up with his buddies who have one) as well as communicate with someone who has the app (me).  It's a GPS tracker as well and I bought the lanyard clip thing so that the kids can clip it on their golf bags, wear it when they go to the park, put it in their pocket when they go to a friends house, etc. 

Along with Left Center Right, the kids got  Pizza Party for Christmas and it is SUCH a great game for two players.  It's simple and quick and is great for all ages.

This was probably my most exciting purchase on Amazon maybe ever.  IT'S  A LAMINATOR!!!!  I really don't know how I didn't have a laminator before now - but I'm loving it!  I'm using it for school things and special papers I want to save, etc. 

I ordered  these pouches and they're perfect!

Griffin's previous paracord handle bit the dust (she dropped it and the clip cracked and wouldn't close anymore) and so Santa brought her  this one in her stocking.  IT'S SO CUTE!!!

I saw  this book on Amazon and couldn't add it to my cart fast enough. It's exactly as the title suggests... a dictionary of fun/interesting/strange words.  The illustrations are cute, the definitions are simple and my kids love the pronunciations.  We've been laughing so hard at some of the words and using them in context at home.

You guys know I love Parks and Rec.  Well... if this tells you anything about my Amazon search history  this set of stickers popped up and you know I had to add to cart.  I think I'm going to add them to my kindle cover :) 

I shared  this glow basketball on a Friday Favorites post back in December but if you have a basketball player in your house this is a MUST for when they want to practice and it's dark outside already.  I love that it shuts off automatically and he loves playing out in the driveway before bedtime.

Griffin outgrew her long sleeve leotard and so I ordered  this one and was really impressed by the quality considering the price. 

This pencil case is the absolute cutest thing EVER.  You can pull down the top part and then your pens and other supplies stick up out of it.  It's $10 and arrived on the same day I placed my order.  I think that this would be a PERFECT gift for any tween/teen girls you're shopping for (Valentine's Day/Easter basket/etc.).  Fill it with  a pack of flair pens and get ready to be the coolest :) 

We're big fans of  sticker by number books and these are a hit because of the quality and the spiral binding.  

I shared  this book in my Instagram stories and it is SO CUTE!!!  It would be a great gift for pre-school and early elementary girls and it's awesome quality and under $6.

Last, but not least, are  these no-show socks for ME.  I put ME in capital letters because Luke takes my socks ALL THE TIME!!!  "Oh.... you mean the big pink underarmour logo ones are yours?? Ooops" after he's worn them outside without shoes and stretched them all out. hahaha

So far he hasn't attempted to wear these and while they're a little bit tall in the back they stay in place all day and are are really comfy.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Priming, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I need those Jean Ralphio stickers RIGHT NOW. I can’t stop laughing.

  2. As a teen our family played LRC with 3 dollar bills on game nights. It was so fun. We have been playing the 90s game pretty pretty princess on repeat.

  3. What in the world did we do before Amazon Prime??????

  4. Just ordered it ALL! Thanks for posting!

  5. Love those socks! I ordered them after you mentioned them in another post. How does that leo fit Griffin? TTS?

  6. So many great finds! Thank you!!

  7. LCR is the best! My extended family has a tradition of playing at family reunions, though we make a small change - dollars instead of the chips that come with the game. The more people, the bigger the pot in the middle for the winner. It gets super competitive and is so fun! I definitely recommend!

  8. We love Left Right Center! And thanks to one of your previous posts, I now own Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (a gift to ME from my son at Christmas and we love it!). I also did "suggest a purchase" for our local library and they are getting 3 sets of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. :) I'm going to order those socks for me & my daughter. We need those!

  9. Those walkie talkies seem PERFECT for my almost 12 year old who is going to start walking home after his K'nex team practices once a week. Thanks so much! Ordering asap :)

  10. For an adult game night, try playing LCR with lottery tickets. It's so fun!

  11. We played LRC on New Years Eve with dollar bills. We had a big group so each pot ended up being $42. It was so much fun.

    I just ordered the Pizza game for my granddaughter for Valentines. This will be perfect for us to play when she is over and I can stick it in my purse when we go out to eat to keep her busy.

  12. We have played Left center right for years! It's so fun to do with a bug group at Christmas or girls night. You can replace the tokens with coins or $1/$5 bills depending on your group. My mom's friend group plays several $1 rounds at the Christmas and bunko parties for fun. Like you said even if you're "out" you can still come back and won which is fun for younger kids.


  14. We've had a laminator forever and my hubby is a total plastic sheeting junkie! Ours just broke so will be trying this one. Also, we use it often for chore charts bc you can use dry-erase markers on it and the kids just wipe their checks clean every day. I also made little laundry cards explaining dark / white / color cycles so the kids would have a reference if they need to do their own clothes.

  15. Love your Amazon posts! Just ordered the sticker books and the Pizza game for Easter. Thank you!


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