Thursday, January 9, 2020

Scribble Stones

  Earlier this month I picked up the book  Scribble Stones (we have and love the original Scribbles book) and it's become a fast favorite at our house.  The book is SO CUTE and tells the story of a little stone who thinks he'll become something amazing, ends up as a paperweight, and then meets Scribble and Splatter and they find a way to bring joy to thousands of people.

Almost immediately the kids immediately asked to make their own stones so we went on a rock hunt and got to work.

Sometimes the hardest part of a project like this can be coming up with the ideas and so I brought out  this accompanying book that has TONS of great ideas, examples and step-by-step tutorials for creating your own scribble stones.

We used acrylic paints and it was also a great lesson in patience because the kids quickly realized that the paint was easier to work with if they painted in "layers" and let them dry in between.

Griffin used a clear glitter acrylic on all of hers which turned out so pretty.

Their final products ended up SO CUTE!!! and when talking about where they wanted to place them for other people to find they quickly decided they wanted to take them to a local park.

When we got there they found a whole rock area by the slide and ended up putting their painted rocks there among the others...

The sweetest part was that after they picked spots for their rocks we went and played at the playground and on our way out we saw some kids looking at and playing with their painted rocks.  

We already have more rocks in the works and they CAN'T WAIT to bring this second set to the park and see if their original rocks are still there and/or if other people may have added their own painted rocks to the same area.

This was a super simple, easy, FREE and fun activity that all three kids REALLY enjoyed.  We were able to find some rocks, but if you're having a hard time finding good painting rocks you can pick up "river rocks" at Home Depot or even on Amazon.

Happy Thursday and Happy Painting, friends!!!

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  1. Hi,
    Do you have a "shop" on amazon where one can view all your favorite books/games/art supplies etc? - Sarah

    1. can i third this? so many things I want you to get the "click credit" for

  2. They did a great job on those rocks! Remember your doodle book and then mine? I should probably paint a rock sometime just so we all have a good laugh at how "great" it turns out. hahaha!

  3. I LOVE this. I plan to order the books and have a Scribble Stones party for the grand kids this Summer. Several enjoy reading and several enjoy art so this will be a lot of fun!!

  4. Love this..such a wonderful project for children.Our community does this at our local park as!

  5. can you link the type of paint you used? this is awesome :)

  6. I always love your book club craft ideas. It's so sweet that they are at the local park for all to enjoy. I can't wait to see more rocks.

  7. you need to google hot rocks kids art activity. You melt crayons on the hot rocks and it is SO MESMERIZING!!! Those rocks that you found would work perfect with that project!

  8. Love it! Their rocks look great!

  9. So cute.


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