Thursday, January 2, 2020

NYE 2019

Happy 2020, friends!!!  How crazy is that considering we all just survived Y2K??? :)

I have a love/hate relationship with taking down my Christmas decorations but a fun New Years mantle always helps.  I added a few mirror balls to the banners and party hats I already had and then threw in a clearance grocery store garland I picked up while picking up milk on NYE :) 

The mirror balls are my absolute FAVORITE and I think that this may be my favorite mantle I've ever done.  LOVE IT!!!

We had plans with friends that were cancelled at the last minute so we adjusted our pizza order, picked up some Cookie Two Step ice cream (TRUST ME!!!) and some of us changed out of our party clothes into pjs ASAP!

Excited to play games, eat pizza and stay cozy!

You GUYS!!!  She was seriously feeling  her skirt :)  It's just her regular black leotard and tights with this fun skirt but if you see her wearing this on the daily you'll know why.

We played about 9 different games, ate too much pizza...

... and these two made it to midnight (barely).

Not a bad way to ring in a new decade if you ask me!

As far as resolutions go y'all know I'm not really a big fan BUT I do like to set a goal or two and this year I made it reeeeeeeally simple.  


My Bible.  Non-Fiction.  Fiction.  Biographies.  All of it.
To my kids.  With my kids.  By myself.

You get the idea.  

I feel like reading more will naturally lead to less of other things and I'm excited for more quiet and less noise this year in multiple aspects of life.  

HAPPY 2020, friends!!!

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  1. Happy New Year to you & your family!!!!!

  2. That is the best mantle I’ve ever seen - love it!

    Happy 2020!

  3. Your mantle is always adorable! Happy New Year to your sweet family!

  4. I love the goal of reading more. That is also on my goals - I am making a no social media after 9 pm rule to encourage more time reading.

  5. Happy New Year and totally agree with cookie two step! Best ever!!

  6. Shay has inspired me to read more and more and you inspire me to keep my life organized :)

  7. The mantle is are so creative! Love reading your blog!


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