Monday, December 23, 2019

Weekend Top 10

We kicked off our weekend early on Friday with a little shopping at Trader Joe's...

... and a little Christmas tree smelling ;)

Saturday morning we headed to the country club for breakfast with Santa.  We've done this every Christmas season and this was hands down the sweetest morning.  Griffin whispered her request into Santa's ear and told us it was a secret BUT DIFFERENT THAN WHAT SHE ASKED FOR BEFORE.... ahhhhhh! hahahaha

.... and both boys asked for an xbox. 

This picture of Luke cracks me up because he was so unsure of whether to sit or stand sand so he'd doing kind of a half-squat which I feel like perfectly describes this age :)  He doesn't believe in Santa but he is THE BEST SPORT EVER for his siblings.  

After pictures we brunched and Santa made his way around the room chatting everyone up.  He and my dad struck up a conversation at the buffet and Griffin's face was PRICELESS.  She kept turning to my mom and I and asking, "Is Haha REALLY friends with Santa?!?!"

Santa came by and asked if Griffin wanted to read a book with him and y'all... it was the sweetest, most magical few minutes.  Santa was incredibly sweet read her the entire book.  She was perfectly still and completely enthralled and it was so special.

 A memory I'll never forget!

Saturday afternoon we went to Play Street to decorate gingerbread houses and I can't stress enough what a great event this is.  They have SO MUCH CANDY and extras set out for the kids to use and the houses are actually cardboard instead of actual gingerbread so they're much easier for the kids to decorate.  They also have sugar cookies to ice, decorate and eat.

Luke's had a pool complete with gingerbread man on a float :) 

They wrap the houses in cellophane to take home and you have zero mess at home - it's the best.

Saturday night Griffin and I went to her dance studio's production of The Nutcracker and it was OUTSTANDING!  She was so excited to see one of her friends on stage!

One of her cheer "sisters" was performing which she thought was the coolest thing EVER!

And one of her BESTIES was the sweetest little mouse!!!

Sunday after church I had to run by the mall (it wasn't NEARLY as awful as I was anticipating) and when I saw this moose sweater in the Abercrombie Kids window I knew who HAD to have it :)  Clearly he wasn't excited about it at all. hahaha  

This happened on Sunday afternoon....

And so did this :)  

She REEEEALLY wants earrings but REEEEEALLY doesn't want to get her ears pierced so she improvised with mirror ball Christmas ornaments hooked over her ears :) hahaha

Sunday afternoon Grinch party at Play Street!!!

They had an AMAZING face painter, fun activities, etc.  

After everyone's faces had been painted the face painter offered to do arm designs and both Mason and Griffin opted for TCU :) hahaha  But seriously... look how AMAZING they are!!!

It was a quick and fun party and then we were back home for a couple hours of kickball in the cul-de-sac and a few rounds of Ticket to Ride.

We ended the weekend on the couch watching The Grinch - perfect!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, friends!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to your sweet family! Thank you for sharing your lives with us!! I would love details on Griffin's sequin Christmas tree sweater and her pink Santa dress!!

  2. Merry Christmas! Looks like an absolutely delightful weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect “weekend before Christmas” weekend :)
    Have a great week and enjoy the magic :)

  4. Omgosh do you just LOVE your life???😍😍😍 I love reading your posts and am in awe of the amazing mama that you are!! I am a teacher (special needs k-3) and mom of 3 (10 yr old and 4.5 yr old twin boys) also but usually feel like I'm barely holding it all together and it looks so effortless and fun for you!! But I love your family and all that you do just motivates me to do more for them and if nothing else, be more present and enjoy all the moments!! Merry Christmas to you all!! Xoxo Apryl Hodge

  5. When I saw Griffin's picture with Santa reading on Insta my heart just melted. So sweet. I loved Luke's gingerbread house with the pool.


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