Thursday, November 14, 2019

Womens Gift Guide

Today I'm sharing my Women's Gift Guide which I had so much fun putting together!!!  I hope you enjoy it and get an idea or two of what to buy for someone on your list or put on your own list this year.

The Bogg Bag is my number one gift recommendation for the year.  You can hose them out, they stand up on their own, they hold a ton and make the perfect sports/dance/road trip/picnic/pool bag.  They're lightweight and uber-durable and I use mine daily to haul around all the things.  Every time I carry mine I get questions and compliments and I've joked that I need to carry around their business card because I tell that many people about them.  They come in a variety of colors and the uses are really endless.

My lips can get kind of "peely" (that sounds gross, but I couldn't think of a better word) and this lip scrub is the best one I've found.  A little goes a long way and it leaves my lips super smooth.

I follow up the lip scrub with this lip balm before bed and it smells SO GOOD and keeps my lips super hydrated. 

I bit the bullet and got a set of air pods about a month ago and now I really don't know how I lived without them.  I love that the case holds a charge and so when you put them back into the case it charges the air pods, I love that they're small enough to throw into my wallet, I love that I can have them in and be listening to a podcast while cooking dinner or cleaning and still hear my kids (if I have the volume low).  They're FANTASTIC and I highly highly highly recommend them.  I took them out of the package and they immediately connected to my phone - SO EASY!!!

This is probably my favorite beauty product of all time.  I use the cleansing balm every night before bed and love how easily it takes off all my makeup and how soft it leaves my skin.  I love that I'm not splashing water all over the place (weird, I know) and the scent is so pretty.  

Oventure rings are one of my favorite things to gift because they're just SO DANG PRACTICAL!  They make getting out of the door (and keeping track of my keys once I'm out!) so much easier.  If you love gifting them as much as I do (or just want a new one for yourself!) be sure to use ANDREA20 at checkout for a discount!

Despite living on the surface of the sun I LOOOOOVE a good beanie :)  I don't get to wear them nearly as often as I'd like to but when I do I always reach for this style of pom beanie because of the large pom, comfy fit and perfect amount of slouch.

I'm a total blanket snob and I FULLY endorse Saranoni blankets  ;)  There is nothing softer than a saranoni lush blanket and the weightiness of it seals the deal.  They wash perfectly and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love to receive one of these.

They're blardigans for your feet.  Enough said.  These are the only socks I'll wear to bed and they're the perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, etc.

These fun sneakers are on sale and SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the print and would totally wear these with jeans, leggings and even certain dresses.

If you've asked me recently about my light blue North Face pullover this is the one!  Yes, it's mens... but I prefer the boxier cut of the mens style because really... who wants a fitted pullover when you're trying to be cozy :)  This colorway is totally my jam and this is a gift I would love to receive!

I brought this crossbody with me to Boston and it's my new FAVORITE everyday bag.  It has enough room for my phone, wallet, keys, gum, etc. as well as a bag of gummy worms ;)  I love the gray color because I feel like it goes with everything and you really can't beat FRYE quality.

I don't think that there are any slippers better than UGG slippers.  I've tried J Crew, Minnetonka, Amazon, etc. but (for me!) they just haven't stood the test of time.  I want my slippers to have a hard sole so I can wear them to the mail box or in the car on a Sonic run and my UGG slippers are the only ones that have lasted multiple years.  I've never had a problem finding them on sale and think that they're well worth the investment.

I've been wearing Bright Crystal for about two years now and I get compliments ALL THE TIME.  It's way more subtle than the packaging alludes to :) and it's a light fragrance but still lasts all day.

I've officially reached the point in my life where a slow cooker is my dream present :)  I've been swooning over this ridiculous one because of several of the features including the fact that you can brown your  meat right in the cooker!!! Plus, it's pretty.  Santa, take note.  Love, Andrea.

I know that the blardigan is typically the go-to for this sort of sweater BUT my UGG poncho is literally the softest and coziest piece of clothing I own and so I'm absolutely drooling over this sweater.  Click on the link and zoom in on the lining - it's insane.  

I've talked about this before, but on Christmas/bdays/etc. Dave takes the kids to Anthropologie and they'll each pick out a dessert plate for me.  It's awesome because they're not super expensive, there are usually a lot to choose from and now I have this fabulous collection of eclectic plates that we use on a daily basis.

I've talked about the Dyson stick for several years now and I'm going to continue talking about it because I seriously feel like it was sent straight from Heaven ;)  We use it multiple times a day and even my kids can handle using it on their own.  It's one of those things that I would immediately replace if anything ever happened to it.

I used to swear that I'd never use a Kindle because I liked the "feel" of books... well, turns out I like the feel of having a bunch of books with me at all times taking up approximately zero space.  I read WAY MORE having it which I think is the best perk.

Christmas would be the perfect time to ask for a great pair of clogs.  I wear mine year round and they're some of my most comfortable shoes.  I love them with dresses and jeans and they look great after hundreds of wears.

This dryer brush has cut my drying time pretty much in half AND eliminated my need for a flat iron.  It's so easy to use and I'm tempted to buy a backup just in case because I've become that dependent on it.

Happy Thursday and happy shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Yes, please!!! That cleansing balm is LEGIT!!

    1. RIGHT?!?! I feel like it should be under everyone's tree!

  2. You should do a dryer brush tutorial! I am on the fence. Do you dry your hair with the regular dryer first or use only the brush?

    1. Oh gosh! It is SO EASY!!! I use it just like I would a round brush on my totally wet hair... no regular dryer necessary!

  3. Hi Andrea, great ideas! Do the barefoot contessa socks shred at all?

  4. FYI, I have had 2 of those slow cookers, one got ruined in our move, but the other just stopped working after only a few years. In my opinion, it’s too expensive to not last at least 10 like the ones from the good ole days like my moms. I need a new slow cooker as well this Christmas and am trying the latest instapot, the reviews on it are much better than that slow cooker AND it has a lot of other functions besides slow cooker

    1. Oh no! Hate hearing that. I can't get behind an instant pot with the steam... it completely freaks me out!

  5. Great gift ideas! I just shared it to my Pinterest Page.

  6. I am LOVING these gift guides!!! Thank you! What is the cheapest you’ve noticed the Dyson Stick going? Currently $299 on Amazon (says regularly $499). With Black Friday and Cyber Monday so near I feel like I should hold out, but I’d hate to see the price go back up... Our vacuum is on its last leg! Very tempting to invest in this one.

  7. After seeing your post pre-summer I bought a BOGG bag and love it! I live in Rhode Island and go to the beach alot in the summer. For Christmas, I'll be putting a blush baby BOGG on my list. Can't wait to look at all your other items. Pam :)

  8. Sara this is legit the best dryer brush ever! It’s 10x easier and quicker to do my hair (no more flat iron or hot curlers) and it lasts! I’ve received more compliments about my hair since I started using it.

  9. We have a dust buster that I use all the time in the kitchen (2 toddlers :) ). I've been debating on getting the Dyson stick. Does anyone think it would still be worth adding to our collection considering?

  10. Hello, I keep hearing about the cleansing balm and am wondering if you wash your muslin cloth after each use? Or do you have multiple muslin cloths?

    1. I have a couple of muslin cloths but I also use regular wash cloths and they work just fine. I typically use the cloths (muslin and wash cloths) once and then toss them in the washer.


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