Monday, November 18, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Friday night means a face mask!  Love that she requests these girly "spa" treatments :) 

Saturday morning we headed to school for the "Queso Challenge" benefitting Team Hoyt Texas.  Essentially, the competitors had to run a 1/4 mile lap and then dip a chip in queso and eat it all before taking another lap.  They ran for an hour and there were different challenges throughout the race like fastest lap, etc. 

We had the BEST time and Mason finished with an impressive 22 laps (and he didn't throw up which was a feat in itself).  

Griffin got an award for being the youngest competitor...

... and Dave for being the oldest :) hahaha

The plan is for this to be an annual event and my kids are already talking about next year.

Saturday afternoon and favorite lunch was in order...

Followed by cheering on TCU while they played Texas Tech (and a trash talking voicemail to his TT alum uncle) :) 

When things were close at the end Gary Patterson had to join him for good luck :) 


Griffin won a Baskin Robbins gift cart at the Queso Challenge and she treated Mason to ice cream on Saturday night.  I felt like I was crashing their party they were so cute together.

Pre-church donuts on Sunday morning with these cuties :) 

Luke was living his best life at the lake with my parents this weekend.  His happy place.

Dave and Mason headed to Mason's playoff football game a little bit early and G and I played a few games and did some laundry before heading out.  Griffin wore Mason's old jersey and I thought she looked S CUTE!!!  Also.  When did she get SO TALL?!?!?!

Mason's team played their little hearts out and won!  They play in the finals later this week and couldn't be more excited.

There's a SWEET group of third grade girls who have their own cheerleading team and they practice throughout the week and come and cheer at the boys games.  Mason brought them bags of popcorn as a thank you and it was seriously the cutest.

Proud sisters club :) 

His biggest fan!

And those couch marks on her cheeks pretty much sum up our Sunday evening :) 

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. GG in Mason's old jersey, I melt!

  2. These are the glory days! I'm sure you know that already, but I wish someone had told me it was the glory days when we were living them. Those ages are pure magic! I love reliving my young mom days through your blog...thank you for always sharing with us!

  3. I could more than likely run a lap if I knew there was queso at the end of every one!


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