Thursday, November 21, 2019

Box City

I'm not sure about your house but we have had an influx of boxes at our house due to the holidays and rather than just send those boxes straight to the recycling bin  the kids got creative with them and I wanted to share to hopefully inspire some creative play at your house as well.  

We started with a big pile of boxes...

... and wrapped them with plain white craft paper.  Then the kids just got creative with markers and crayons and used inspiration from  this book that they've all been loving. 

If you haven't read "This is New York" I HIGHLY recommend it...

It's been out for weeks and they all love reading it and looking at the artwork.

Their city came together after several days of after school play and they played with it ALL WEEKEND long.  I loved how their ideas grew and incorporated other toys and creating roads out of cardstock and chalk.  

Y'all.  Mason's "deli" sign.  I can't.  And can we talk about how Griffin made a Braums??? You can take the girl out of TX but can't take the TX out of the girl!

Fire and police station...

.... apartments and a hospital...

... Museum of Natural History...

... and even the Empire State Building.

This was a little bit of legwork up front with wrapping the boxes but after that it was all the kids and seriously provided HOURS of entertainment.  Luke is sometimes in and sometimes out on these projects but he couldn't resist this one and I loved that they all worked collaboratively.  If you have kids of varying ages these kinds of projects where they each make individual components of a larger scene always work well for us.

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. They need to put Gary Patterson on a building, and she can be like Godzilla!! What a cute idea! Your kids were super creative.

  2. Super fun and creative! I gave This is NYC to my hubby our first married valentine's day because we had honeymooned there and the idea was that we'd read it to our kids someday. Needless to say, it holds a special place in our bookcase.

  3. Those windows on the ESB - serious dedication!

    1. I was thinking the same thing....which kid had that kind of patience to do that???

  4. I love the parking lot! Such a great imaginative play idea.

  5. My daughter loves to draw and make cities with my amazon boxes! Great way for them to use their imagination!

  6. o so fun!! I always have a ton of amazon boxes this is a great idea!


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