Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Spooky Punch and Witch Leg Banner

One of our favorite Halloween books is Room on the Broom.  I feel like at this point it's pretty much a classic and today I'm sharing a couple of fun activities that could go along with the book OR just with Halloween fun in general.  

First up is one of my favorite Halloween traditions... "witches brew punch".  It's the EASIEST punch of all time but my kids LOVE it so much and when you present it in a smoking, bubbling cauldron it's pretty awesome.

All you need is some lime sherbet and Sprite.  That's IT!  Scoop out as much sherbet as you want and then pour some sprite over it and mix it together.  You want it to still be kind of lumpy because it's gross looking and also delicious.

Once you have the sprite/sherbet combo mixed to your liking, place the smaller container into the larger "cauldron" or bowl and then add some pieces of dry ice and warm water to the larger bowl.  YOU DON'T WANT TO PUT DRY ICE INTO YOUR ACTUAL PUNCH because you don't want anyone ingesting even a small piece of dry ice.

This little party trick never gets old and it's just so much fun.

Ladle the punch into glasses, serve with a festive straw and you're done!

I popped a piece of dry ice into a cup just for fun - DO NOT DRINK PUNCH WITH DRY ICE IN IT!

I've made this punch almost every year before trick-or-treating and it's always a hit.  It couldn't be easier, you can make as much or as little as you need and the presentation can't be beat :) 

The next activity was a craft we did on Sunday afternoon that turned out SO CUTE and was so much fun!!!  I set out larger popsicle sticks, paints, stickers, jewels, glue, glitter, etc. and the kids painted several matching "sets" of sticks.  

We kept it simple with Halloween colors and I don't really have many pictures of the actual process because I ended up painting too and forgot :) 

Each of them painted and embellished a few sets and then we cut out skirts and boots out of black cardstock, hot glued them to to painted sticks and created witch legs!  There was no pattern and nothing was exact but they turned out so cute.  I punched some holes through the tops, threaded them along a piece of twine and we created a banner for the playroom that I'm IN LOVE WITH!

SO FUN, right?!?!?!

The kids did such a great job on the legs and this was so simple, but produced such a cute final product that I'll totally keep and hang up again next year.

If you don't have a spot for a banner, these would make cute magnets, bookmarks, or you could even add a loop of string on the top and hang them up as ornaments if you have a Halloween tree.  

Happy Wednesday and happy crafting, friends!

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  1. so festive and my kids love the dry ice/punch thing! You always have the best ideas

  2. I love the witch banner! Such a cute fall craft!

  3. I always love when you share about that punch. So cool (keeping in mind for when I have grandchildren - years away, I think). LOVE the banner. Too cute!

  4. Some of my favorite memories include you, Halloween and a spooky punch :) .

    1. ME TOO!!! And dumping out our kids candy on a street corner looking for Heath :)

  5. What are you using to put the paint in? It looks neat. Thank you.

  6. What are you using to put the paint in? It looks like a cute tray.

  7. You are so creative, Andrea! My biggest question since I was a little girl- where in the world do you get dry ice?


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