Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!  This long weekend was SO NEEDED for rest and family time after a crazy busy past 3 weeks or so and we made the most of it for sure!

Friday night we ordered pizza, got in our jammies and had some serious couch time thanks to Secret Life of Pets 2 on Prime Video.  Luke had left for the lake with my dad earlier in the evening and Mason, Griffin and I CRASHED HARD around 8:30.  (You can find my mug  HERE)

Friday afternoon Mason's football practice started off with a devotion time led by seniors from the varsity football team.  I've said it before but I think that one of the most special and impactful parts of being a part of a K-12 school is the relationships that are built and leadership that happens "from the top down".  It's so cool to see the older kids high five the younger kids on their way to lunch and call them by name and it's just something that's unique to our school setting.  Extra grateful for these boys!

Dave worked on Saturday morning and I worked on a TON of laundry while Mason and Griffin played "city castle" together :) It involved what felt like ALL of our toys and an invasion by Gary Patterson :) 

Saturday afternoon we cleaned up "castle city" and made our way down to Ft. Worth for the first TCU game of the season.  The day started out rainy and (relatively) cool but by the time we got down there it was about 94 degrees, 100% humidity and it literally felt like the sun was trying to melt us :)  Regardless, we tailgated, hung out and by the time the game started that night and the sun went down it was actually really nice.  Mason is a HUGE fan of the TCU coach (Gary Patterson... hence his dragon's name and the "Gary Little Christmas tree" from last year) and last season we always yelled, "Get 'Em, Gary!" and joked about how fun it would be to have shirts that said that.  SOOO I made it happen for the kids and it was such a fun surprise.

Look at those excited boys on the jumbotron!!!

This was G's first game and she LOVED IT!!!  She'd been to a Spring preview event and a concert on campus but this was her first actual game and she was a huge fan of the whole thing.

We laughed SO HARD though because somewhere in the second quarter she literally passed out.  Like snoring asleep.  The people behind us couldn't stop laughing and the boys kept turning around and saying things like, "G... if you get up right now we'll give you candy" to see if she was faking and she was O.U.T.  She woke up right before halftime and had renewed energy for the rest of the game - SO FUNNY!

Sunday night this kid helped me draft my Fantasy Football team for the season.  I have about 0% interest in football BUT I'm all about a good time with friends and I actually won a prize for placing last last season :)  hahaha  

Sunday afternoon I took Mason and Griffin to an event at Play Street where an artist was there drawing caricatures of the kids.

As cool as it was to get their pictures made I think the best part was watching the kids watch the artist draw - they were AMAZED!!!

I'm always amazed at this kind of talent - he captured every kid and their special requests (like holding a cat! haha) perfectly and FAST!  So much fun.  

Luke took full advantage of the long weekend and headed to the lake house with my dad.  It was a full-on guys weekend with bb gun shooting, fishing, fire-making, lots of hot dog-eating and minimal photo taking :) 

Luke had THE BEST TIME and can't wait to head back.  The lake with my dad is definitely his happy place and I love that he loves it so much!

Reunited on Monday morning and OF COURSE working on a project together :)  This project involved covering the fridge with  magnatiles and  Tegu blocks.

I had big plans to take care of some organizational projects and have a pool day yesterday and ended up hanging out inside pretty much ALL DAY just playing games, building projects, listening to music and relaxing.  A couple of us took a nap and all of us had the PERFECT at-home day.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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