Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Beauty Favorites

Before I dive into today's post I wanted to invite you to join me in praying for the families who lost a loved one in the attacks, during the recovery or now, years later as a result of being involved in clean up and rescue on 9/11.  #neverforget

Today I'm sharing my "beauty favorites" to hopefully have everything in one place along with explanations of why I love them so much :) 

First up is the radiant cleansing balm by Colleen Rothschild.  I know that you've probably seen this everywhere and I SWEAR it lives up to all of the hype and then some. Sheaffer introduced me to it while we were in NYC last Fall and I've been hooked ever since.  It literally melts the makeup right off your face (including mascara!) and doesn't irritate your eyes at all.  You get a glob of it on your clean dry hands, rub it into your face and over your eyes and let the makeup just start melting off.  Then you use a damp facecloth and just wipe it all off.  It's AMAZING and I feel like the best part is how hydrated it leaves your face after.  I've actually been able to stop using moisturizer about 95% of the time because this is so moisturizing - which says A LOT since typically cleansers leave my face super dry.

I've always been kind of cheap when it comes to skincare and makeup stuff and when I first saw the price of  this cleansing balm I was pretty shocked.  Turns out that it's actually ended up being about half the price of the drugstore brand eye makeup remover pads I was using previously and that doesn't include replacing the facial cleanser I was using as well.  I bought the small jar last November, have used it every single night since and still have some left.  It's actually a STEAL for what it is.  I just ordered the jumbo container because it was such a bargain comparatively. 

I've been so impressed with the cleansing balm I just ordered  the complete eye cream

and the  sheer renewal cream and I'm so excited to try them.  The reviews are stellar and I'll keep you posted on what I think!

During the winter when my skin tends to get a little bit more dry I LOVE  the clinique moisture surge moisturizer.  It almost feels like a gel consistency and a little bit goes a LONG way.

I use the cleansing balm every night to wash my face and on mornings when I'm not showering I'll typically put a little bit of  this witch hazel on a cotton square and rub it all over my face.  It's a super gentle (and alcohol free) cleanser that removes any "shiny" spots and leaves my skin feeling super clean for the day. 

My friend Natasha gave me  this at a "favorite things party" and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Once your face is clean, take a dab of this gel and start rubbing it on your face in a circular motion.  I KID YOU NOT, your skin will start just "sluffing" off.  I know it sounds disgusting - it's awesome.  It's great on your decolletage area as well ane leaves my skin bright and completely exfoliated.  I do this a couple of times a week at night and it's the best facial exfoliator I've ever used.   AND IT'S UNDER $12! 
So this isn't a pretty picture or one that I had planned on sharing BUT I felt like it was worth it to show you what the gel does.  When you rub it on it's smooth and just feels cool on your skin and as you rub it your dead skin (that you don't even realize you have) just kind of balls up like this...

... isn't that super gross and satisfying at the same time???  Once it's like this you just rinse it off with warm water and that's it!   (Sidenote - I use this exfoliator after washing my face)

I'm really not super loyal to any makeup products... I typically only wear eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara and maybe some blush if I'm feeling fancy.  I used to subscribe to JULEP and have so much eyeshadow and liner from them that I haven't purchased any in forever.  The one makeup product that I AM loyal to though is this mascara...

... I can't say enough great things about it - somehow I feel like it's lengthening and volumizing and I just love it so so so much.  I also love that I can grab it at the grocery store :)

Sheaffer introduced me to  this self tanner and it is hands down my favorite one I've ever used.  I've tried the towels, the foams, the lotions, etc. and always find myself streaky (user error, I know) but this one is literally foolproof and pretty much instant color so you can tell before you head out if you have any areas you need to touch up.  It's a great, natural-looking tan and I've used it literally as I'm walking out the door and it's amazing.

My newest favorite hair product is  this heat protectant by Moroccanoil.  I was always hesitant to try Moroccanoil products because I assumed they'd be greasy BUT they're anything but greasy.  They're moisturizing without being heavy or oily and this heat protectant is the finest mist ever that you just spray all over your wet/damp hair before adding any heat.  It's kept my hair from feeling as "dry" after I style it and I LOVE the scent.

I've used  this moroccanoil treatment for several years mainly on the ends of my hair... I'll put a few drops in my hands and rub it into my ends at night when I know I'm going to wash my hair the next day OR put it on my ends when my hair is wet out of the shower. I use it on Griffin's hair every time she washes her hair (I put it on her damp hair) and love it so much!

For styling my hair I have fallen IN LOVE with  this blow dryer/round brush combo.  I've never been able to get the hang of round brushing and blow drying my hair and this makes it fool proof!  I swear that if I can operate this tool anyone can :)  If leaves my hair smooth and shiny and I no longer have to run a flat iron over my hair after drying it when I use this.  I will typically section my hair into four sections and then just dry it from underneath usually pulling up at the same time for maximum volume.  From start to finish I can do my whole head in under 20 minutes which is a FEAT since with a traditional blow dryer it would take me WAY longer than that and then I'd have to flat iron it after. 

I haven't completely abandoned  my flat iron :)  I still use it to touch up my bangs and also use it to curl the underneath layers of my hair.  For me, flat iron curls last WAY longer than curling iron curls and so I use this to curl everything except the top layer.

I got  this curling iron back in May when I had my hair cut and she styled it using a curling iron and I loved the look.  I will say that it gets REALLY hot (I never have it above a level 3... I did at first and I felt like it legit burned my hair) but it makes super pretty curls and is really easy to use.  For whatever reason my hair doesn't hold curl from a curling iron as well as it does a flat iron so I will use this on the top layer and front pieces of my hair and then just touch those curls up on subsequent days.

I've never been a fan of hair spray but I do love  this texture spray and it gives me plenty of hold without feeling crunchy or hair spray-ey :)  It's also a much "gentler" product for your hair (according to my stylist) and it smells SO GOOD!

For Griffin's hair I use the same products  I use on my own but I also use  this swim shampoo and conditioner after she swims because it's the only thing that gets the chlorine residue out.  I tried apple cider vinegar washes, a more expensive chlorine removing/clarifying shampoos, etc. and when I found Ultra Swim it was like the chlorine was just rinsing out no problem.  It's seriously incredible.

As far as "styling" her hair goes, we use the basics...

... and the biggest help is  the spray bottle.  I don't wash her hair daily and so the spray bottle helps get bedhead tangles out and assists in braiding or whatever else we're doing with her hair in the morning.

I hope this post has been helpful and that you've found a product (or a few!) to try out.  If you have a beauty staple that you swear by I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and let me know what it is!  

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. I'm so intrigued by the facial peeling!!

  2. We share so many favorites! Lots of my favorites are on here as well!-Erika

  3. The cleansing balm and the self tanner are HANDS DOWN 2 of my very favorite products EVER. EVER. They make my life better. The end.

  4. "super gross and satisfying at the same time"...that cracks me up! And is so true! I love stuff like that.

  5. I just ordered the face peel because for $12 it is worth a try!

  6. I literally use all of the skincare products you've been using, including the mascara, except the Facial Peeling which I'm ordering right now!! I've just been using the cleansing balm a little over a week, and I'm obsessed! Can't wait to see what you think about the other CR products you ordered.


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