Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Top 10

We're easing back into routine this week and spent the weekend gearing up for things REALLY getting crazy with activities starting again today.

Mason and I kicked our weekend off with Friday afternoon eye exams ;)  Super fun, right!?!?!  Mason has been telling us since the Spring that he doesn't need his glasses anymore and we let it kidn of ride this summer and he never reached for his glasses once (and he was reading and writing often!).  It turns out that he's now seeing BETTER than 20/20 without his glasses and we're crediting all the eye strengthening exercises he did in vision therapy for that.  We're keeping an eye on him, continuing with his classroom accommodations (straight forward seating close to the front) and Mason knows the importance of letting us know if he feels like things start going blurry up close again. 

I left with a new (stronger) prescription and frames that I hope are cute... I picked them out while waiting for my eyes to dilate and by the time I was being fitted I couldn't even see my own face in the mirror :)  Fingers crossed!!!

Spoiler alert - the weather is still sucking here ;)

Griffin's pre-k teacher sent this to me on Friday - look at that sweet baby during her first week of school two years ago!

Saturday was ALLLLL business around here.  Trader Joe's, filling up on gas, Petsmart, Kroger, Homegoods, Costco, laundry, cleaning, etc.  It was pretty much non-stop but SO SO SO productive!!!  I feel set up and ready for the week and it feels great!

My two helpers and I made Dave some birthday cupcakes... and yes.... they're in Halloween costumes that they picked out yesterday at Costco :)

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember that a few weeks ago Griffin kept talking about wanting a "pet weiner"... kind of like a hamster but bigger and with a tail and a raccoon face.  Turns out she was talking about a ferrets (no clue how she got weiner from ferret!) and she was super happy to see some at PetSmart.


We were all wiped out on Saturday night and so we ended the day with movie night in the game room.  The gang was all there :)

Including Gary Patterson :)

And for those of you who were asking what Jack Bauer thinks of Gary this picture pretty much sums it up...

Sunday morning and Griffin was LOVING her "Jasmine hair".  Last week I was just putting some extra elastics on her pony and so I decided to try to up my game a bit with a pull through pony.

She was also excited about seeing Ashby in Sunday school - cutest little friends :)

Sunday afternoon we had a church pool party and I took approximately 2 pictures.  One of which was this one of me and Willow :)

If today is your back-to-school day I hope it's GREAT!  Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Happy Happy Monday! So so glad I got to hang out with you yesterday!

  2. Your weather app is great! Which one is it?

  3. I LOVE a Back to School Costco haul! On my agenda this week too!

  4. #6 made me spit out my coffee. I love it! LOL!

  5. We had so much fun with you guys yesterday! I cannot believe it's already fall in our world ;) .

  6. I was also went to Costco Saturday and my seven year old begged to get his Halloween costume too. I figured why not - it's one thing off my to do list in October. Hopefully he doesn't change his mind about being the Black Panther!

  7. That striped bag in your trunk is the cutest! Where is it from?

  8. That striped bag with the pom pom in your trunk is the cutest! Where is it from?


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