Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!!! This weekend has been a WHIRLWIND and tomorrow is the first day of school so it's kind of full throttle around here right now.  Anticipation and excitement ran HIGH this weekend because we picked up the boys from Sky Ranch!!!

We were up bright and early to make the two-hour drive to camp, watch the closing show and then check out the boys from their counselors. 

There is NOTHING better than seeing your baby's sweet face for the first time in a week!  When you check your kid out the counselors present the camper with their award in front of their parents and tell you a little bit about what they loved about about your kid and it's just such a sweet tradition.

REUNITED and it felt so GOOD!!!

The boys had THE BEST TIME and both of them (and Griffin!) are already signed up for next Summer.  EEEK!!!  

And I feel like the pure logistics of Sky Ranch never ceases to absolutely amaze me.  When you pull up you tell them your campers cabin number and name and they load the luggage into your car for you... trunks and bedding/laundry.  It's crazy.  And this picture was as Dave was after our luggage had been loaded and represents about 10% of the luggage - it's nuts.

My parents lake house is about 30 minutes from camp so we stopped by on the way home to see my dad who was hanging out there and to check out the addition to the dock.

Can't handle it.

Back at home adn the fun REALLY began...

NOT! hahaha 

I will say - nothing smelled awful which I counted as a win.

We spent a lot of time that afternoon/evening snuggling, storytelling and looking through the pictures that had been posted online throughout the week.

Sunday morning before church had to be documented becasue #cute :)

The boys ran into PetSmart to grab crickets and this girl and I avoided getting out of the car :)

We spent pretty much all afternoon putting laundry away and just getting our house put back together after camp exploded all over it and then it was time for Dude Perfect!!!

Their summer tour came to Allen Event Center and the kids have been counting down for tonight for months!

The kids were completely enthralled by seeing the guys so close up on stage...

... and the show was way more fun and engaging than I had anticipated.  I wasn't sure how their videos were going to translate to a live show but it was done REALLY well and we loved the whole thing from start to finish.

The tour is over tonight BUT if it happens again I HIGHLY recommend it!  Tickets would be a great gift and if you have Dude Perfect fans they'll LOVE IT!

A bunch of friends from school were there as well and we were hanging out talking after when one of the video editors came out and was so sweet when the kids asked him for a picture.  

Such a fun night and a great way to end our summer!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. What a great weekend before BACK TO SCHOOL!! You four will ROCK IT tomorrow!

  2. I'm still laughing about the toothbrush things! ;)

  3. Such a fun weekend! Have a great first day of school!

  4. Have a great year at school everyone! I have never heard of Dude Perfect! It sounds like it would be a good chapter book!


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