Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! I feel like last week was a fun little "treat" of a week and this week kicked things into high gear.  Spelling tests, memory verses, quizzes to grade, honor choir practice, dance started, football started, wrestling started, golf picked back up AND it was picture day.  Because why not ;) hahaha  

Seriously though - it was a great week!!!  No complaints about happy and healthy kiddos!

Erika Narci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us all you have to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

First up on my list of FAVORITES is some awesome athletic wear for kids from  Walmart!  Allllll the activities started back this week which means my kids are either in uniforms or athletic clothing pretty much 24/7.  I stopped into Walmart and found some AWESOME pieces suitable for dance, cheer, football, wrestling, playing outside, lounging at home and everything in between.  

Griffin was feeling herself in these leggings and this black long sleeve top.  I couldn't find the jacket online but there's a CUTE little sports bra available in the same floral and my store was fully stocked in the jacket!

I got her all the pieces in a size 6 and I feel like they may run a teeny bit big because the waist on the leggings was just a little large on her.  She LOVED the top (it has thumb holes!) and she's already talking about wearing it to dance next week and I'm thinking I'll grab it in the pink color as well because she loves it so much. 

You can shop the pieces G was wearing and a few other pieces that are SO CUTE below...

The finds I was most excited about were for the boys!  They LIVE in athletic clothes (they wear them as pjs too now) and so I'm always on the hunt for well-made pieces at great price points.  The pants I picked up are every bit as good as any other pair they have in their closets and they're both under $12.  I LOVED the fit of  the pants that Luke has on and they come in a bunch of great color options.   Masons pants aren't quite as slim-fitting as Luke's but they're still awesome.  And I seriously can't get over the price.

The shirts were awesome as well (pardon the tags... I had a couple size options for both of them and we were DEEP into a try-on at this point.. hahaha).

The shirts are $7.44/each  and both boys LOVED that the underarms were "vented".  The material was super comfy and cooling and we'll for sure be picking up a couple more in different colors. 

I was SO EXCITED about these finds and what made it even better was how pumped up the kids were.   You can check out the pieces the boys were wearing along with a couple of other pieces perfect for Fall below...

My FAVORITE picture of the week was of these three cuties all ready for picture day!  I have no idea if their school photos are going to turn out well but this picture is PRECIOUS so I'm counting it as a win ;)

The kids empty out their folders on the counter every afternoon and this cute little phone tumbled out of Mason's backpack.  Apparently he found the gray/black part on the deck at school and so he taped the back on, trimmed it down and filled in his apps.  I complimented his creativity and workmanship and reiterated that it was great he did such a good job since this was the only phone he was going to have until he was 16 ;) hahaha  Also... I asked him how he knew about twitter and "u-tube" and he goes, "mom... I've watched Ralph Breaks the Internet... duh!" 

FAVORITE 5th grader!

So watching the kids do what they love and try new things is one of my FAVORITE parts of being a parent and this week both of my boys tried out wrestling...

... Luke has decided that it's not for him (which didn't surprise us at all!) and Mason has fallen in LOVE (also not surprising)...

What Luke IS loving is Golf!  He's improved so much and is excited for some cooler golfing weather :)

Ready for hip-hop!!!

Any my FAVORITE part of being back at the studio was picking up her pictures from last Spring :)

I saw this on facebook this week and had to save it because it's REALLY true for me...  I'm working on it!

Happy Friday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links and was sponsored by Walmart. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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  1. I love, love, love all the pics of your kids doing their "things". Happy hectic Friday ;) !

  2. I can't even with your kids! Haha on the phone apps, and your daughter with her Yoga <3.

  3. The kids look so handsome ready for school. Have a great school year!

  4. Luke looks so much older in his golf pic!! Your blog just makes me happy :)

  5. Your kids are such go-getters! Willing to try it all; I love that.

  6. I think a special part of parenthood is being our kid's biggest fan and you do this so well, Andrea!:) Happy Friday!

  7. G in her athletic/dance wear is the cutest!! Mason's phone cracked me up and Luke is so handsome, especially in his golf clothes! Awesome pic of the three of them on picture day...Have a good weekend!

  8. I respond to texts in my head all the time... and pretty much never in real life! Ha. Luckily my friends and family know that. I love that back to school photo of all three!

  9. What cute pieces! Definitely snagging some for my daughter! I came across the jacket while perusing Walmart’s site :)


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