Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nordstrom Sale '19

Okay, y'all... I hit the Nordstrom sale in person on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised by just how many great finds I found.  I'm going to dive right in with what I bought, what I LOVED but didn't buy, what I found online and ordered and what I'm currently loving from the online selection.

All of the links used in this post are affiliate links which means I make a commission if you make a purchase after using one of my links and I wanted to let y'all know how much I appreciate you guys reading and shopping through my blog. 

My top pick for myself was  this smocked floral tunic.  I love the teeny floral print, I love the colors and I loooooove the detailing.  I thought it looked great with jeans (mine are old Vigoss) and clogs (you can find mine  HERE)...

... but also looked great with black tights.  Keep in mind that I'm about 5'3 so I can get away with wearing it as a dress with tights only but it would still be great with leggings and flats. 

The colors are fantastic and I love a higher neck.  I got my regular Free People brand (small) and thought it fit well.

The tunic also comes in two other color ways and I feel like there's something for everyone.  I saw the black/blue one in store and it's SO PRETTY!!!  I refrained, but hope y'all scoop up the other two colors :)

Next, I grabbed  this sweater in the red color because it was one of my FAVORITES last Fall/Winter.  I wore it all.the.time with leggings and jeans and thought this rusty red color was SO PRETTY!  It also comes in black, dark turquoise, ivory and the brown color I wore all last Fall.  I got my regular size small and feel like it fits oversized as intended.

I didn't get a good picture of them but I'm wearing  these earrings and LOVE them so much!   They're lightweight and a great color for year round.

This henley was right up my alley.  It has fitted arms and an oversized bodice which is 100% my jam.  I'm in my regular size small and LOVE how it fits. 

It comes in a BUNCH of great colors and I have a feeling another one will eventually make it's way into my closet by the end of the season because it's so good.

The last thing I brought home (despite swearing off adding any additional Barefoot Dreams cardigans into my wardrobe) was this long, olive green, pocket cardigan.  I instantly fell in love with the color and feel like this one more than any of my others is everyday wear appropriate.

I'm wearing it with  this henley which is another Fall favorite (and it's on major sale!

It's the longest of all the barefoot dreams and will be PERFECT with leggings.  Score.

I feel like Barefoot Dreams always steals the show.  They are absolutely worth the money and I've had some for 6+ years and they still look great.  I've given these as gifts to my mom, mother-in-law, teachers, etc.  They're FANTASTIC!  If you've purchased these kinds of cardigans as gifts before look at this...

I think it would be an AWESOME Christmas gift for moms, mother-in-laws, sisters, etc.  How flipping cozy would that be on it's own OR thrown on over pjs in the winter?!?!   You really can't go wrong with any of their pieces!

Okay... so let's talk about what wasn't in store but I'm loving...

I'm all about anything mustard/gold and love the fit of  this jacket.  I've had great luck with Madewell and think that this would be a staple piece in my closet for years to come.  I've ordered it so I can see what I think in person and I'll be sure to let y'all know what I think.

I am OBSESSED with the fit, shape and color of  this cashmere sweater and while it's a fantastic deal it's out of my budget and so I'm just going to live vicariously through whoever gets to buy it :)  I mean... is it not fantastic?!?!

This pullover is absolutely my style but hasn't made it's way into my cart because I have one really similar.  If you buy this and love it send me a pic!

Another thing hanging out in my cart is  this jacket.  The oversized shawl collar is EVERYTHING and I'm loving the color (it also comes in cream and pink - so pretty!) 

Again with the smocking and higher neck! LOVE!  This floral top is under $40 and would be so great with jeans, work pants, cardigans, etc.

I absolutely ADORE the style and fit of this coat.  That lining and back pleat had me at hello.  

And this dress in both colors is on it's way to my house (it wasn't in my store) and I CAN NOT WAIT to get them in and show y'all if they're good!  I'm kind of afraid that they're going to be too long BUT I'm super hopeful because I feel like it'll be the perfect Fall staple piece with a denim jacket, tennis shoes and a baseball cap.  FINGERS CROSSED!!!

I also bought  a set of my all-time favorite perfume.  I get compliments on this scent all the time and love it so much.  I'm AWFUL at describing scents but it's light and pretty and not floraly.  It comes in a really pretty box if you're gifting it and the value is great.

I was a little bit underwhelmed by the home selection available in-store - which my wallet was ABSOLUTELY fine with :)  This is probably because I'm a blanket snob and believe that  Saranoni blankets are the best on the planet - hahaha

I DID feel  these blankets in-store and was really impressed.  They're $25 and would make an awesome gift... I just wasn't prepared to think about teacher Christmas gifts. :) 

A fabulous buy for sure are  the volcano candles.  They're on sale for $23 (normally $35) and the jar was really pretty in person.

I have a few volcano candles on hand at home so I didn't pick any up but I did buy  this sparkling grapefruit candle which smelled SO GOOD and the fact that I bought any scent other than volcano should tell you JUST how good it smells because I never ever do that (other than fall candles).

The jar is mercury glass and super pretty...

... and look how HUGE it is!  It was $33 which I felt like was a great deal considering how large it was and how pretty the container is.  When the candle is done I'll probably either use it for cut flowers or maybe even plant a plant in it.  

 Now for kids!!!  I was SO IMPRESSED with the selection and it made me sad my kids are in uniforms 5 days a week :)   I did pick up some "staple items" for their Fall/Winter wardrobe and was really pleased with what I found.

My boys LOVE wearing athletic pants and I grabbed them both two pairs of  these Under Armour jogger pants.  Mason is in the small and Luke is in the large and I feel like they'll get a couple of years of wear out of them.  The quality was spot on and I knew they were a winner when both boys refused to take them off after trying them on :)

I also got them each a pair of  these drawstring relaxed fit khakis.  They're $25 and while Mason's are a bit long I feel like they'll get a lot of wear out of them this Fall/Winter and even into Spring.

My top pick for boys are  these Nike shorts.  My boys each have a few pairs and I'm kicking myself because I paid full price for them a few weeks ago.  ha!  They LOVE the camo print and the color selection is great.

They DID need shoes though and  Luke picked out these Nikes...

My kids didn't need any jackets this year but if they did I would have been all over it because there were a ton of great options....

And I was a little sad I don't have a toddler boy because YOU GUYS!!!  How cute are  these joggers and  this jacket?!?!

Girl stuff!  Again - I was sad about uniforms because look at  this jacket!!!

Speaking of jackets,  if you're shopping for a jacket be sure to check out  the mossbud swirl jackets from North Face.  Griffin got one last year and they are CRAZY SOFT and such great quality.  Hers was so soft that I turned around and bought myself one last year!
 Mossbud Swirl Reversible Water Repellent Heatseeker<sup>â„¢</sup> Jacket, Main, color, SWEET VIOLET
And her FAVORITE shoes are on sale in the cutest little princess style!  Mini melissas rarely go on sale and they hold up well FOREVER!

And speaking of shoes - she picked these for school which made me SO HAPPY because I love the style and the lack of laces.  While she can tie them - it's just one less thing to worry about :)  Can I get an amen?!?!

This dress is $20 and SO SO SO CUTE!!!  The ruffle is precious and I hated that I had already cut the tag off of a similar dress in her closet so it went back :(

This leopard ruffle hoodie had her pretending to be a cat...

... and doing this :) 

And she had all the heart eyes for this rainbow sweater.  We for SURE kept this one because #rainbows and I couldn't get over how cute it would be with a tutu skirt :)  IT was surprisingly lightweight and I sized down to a 5 for her because that's all they had available in store and it fit her with plenty of room.

Y'all.  I can't.  This jacket was SO SO SO sweet and soft!  And if she didn't have another similar pullover I totally would have kept it.  So cute!

I did buy her some Nike shorts online and while browsing the online selection found so many other cute girl things....

100% honest I didn't shop the men's sale because Dave wears shirts and ties or Stonebridge crested polos to work and he let me know he had PLENTY of Patagonia pullovers.  hahaha  If you're shopping for a guy who hasn't let you know he doesn't need another cold weather piece click on any of these below because apparently Dave already has them all and they're SO GREAT he needs zero more.  :)

Well... that was the longest post of all time :)  I'll keep you guys posted on the couple of things I ordered online but other than that I'm DONE! 

I'd love to hear what you ended up buying this year and/or what you're planning on getting.

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Well, I can see why your top pick was your top pick! It just screams YOU!!

  2. Will be grabbing one of the blankets for the hubby, we all have one except him! You found some pretty things for the fall!

  3. The girls North Face jacket you mentioned--how warm is it? Wondering if it could serve as a winter coat in Michigan or is it more of a chilly fall coat?


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