Monday, June 3, 2019

JW Marriott Summer Kickoff

Last week we kicked off summer with a quick trip to the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort in San Antonio.  We did this same trip last year and we had so much fun we declared it a new tradition. 

We were in the car bright and early and made our way to Austin for lunch.

Our original plan was to eat at Homeslice Pizza but they were having a staff party and were closed (boo!) but one of the employees recommended Little Deli so we made our way there and it was SO GOOD!

We stretched our legs, ate a few slices and played a few rounds of Simon says before getting back on the road.

We stopped by the "i love you so much wall" on our way out of Austin...

... and I dove into Bear Town (more on that later but SO GOOD!)

We arrived, checked-in and headed STRAIGHT to the pool

The resort was pretty empty since school was still in for a lot of the area which was SO NICE and throw in some cooler temps and breezes and it was pure perfection.

Dinner poolside...

... and then more swimming/talking :) 

A quick change of clothes and it was time for s'mores and playing outside until dark.

The resort does this every night and the kids LOVE IT.

G's hair has lost most of it's curl over the last couple of years but on occasion these little ringlets pop up and make my heart go pitter patter. ;)

Washing that s'more down with some Dr. Pepper out of a Whataburger Yeti like the good Texan he is.

We played a few rounds of ping-pong and then some chess and checkers before heading back up to the room and crashing for the night.

LOVE these views in the morning!

The kids were super excited and so did a quick breakfast and then were at the pool by 8:30 a.m. Yes..... 8:30 :) hahaha

We were in the water from 8:30 until after dinner - it was a FULL and fun day!

We did the beach area, the slides, the lazy river... rinse and repeat.  It was perfection.

We even got to hang out with friends from school who were there too!

We went back to the room to change for s'mores and Griffin was asleep before we could get out of the door.  Dave and the boys went down for dessert and a few games and when they came back I was out like a light too.  It was a GREAT day!

Thursday morning Mason was in our bed BEGGING me to wiggle his tooth that had been hanging on by a thread for WEEKS and I managed to get it out!  It was VEEEEEERRRRY exciting :)  The only thing better than losing a tooth is losing a tooth on vacation!

We had a late checkout on Thursday and the rain that was forecasted never showed up so we headed down to the pool to get in a few last hours of slides and lazy river.

The self-proclaimed "towel carrier" was on his a-game...

The kids brought down the underwater camera and going through the pics and videos that they take on it is my favorite ;)

If you were curious about what my view looked like for 3 days this pretty much sums it up...

... me in a tube on the lazy river and this girl swimming, flipping and then grabbing my toes and asking if I saw her :) 

When it was time to go we had three exhausted kids on our hands!

And THANK YOU to the sweet woman who saw me taking their pic and offered to take one of all of us.

Quick showers for everyone and it was time to hit the road...

... and about 5 minutes later this happened.  And is pretty much what our car looked like all the way to...

Magnolia!  It was a great time for a pitstop and cupcakes were calling our name. 

The last time I was in Waco the line for the bakery was OUT OF CONTROL so we picked some up from the food truck and so it was fun to get to check out the bake shop this time around.

I had the strawberry lemonade and it was summer in a cupcake!!!

Is there a better place to eat a cupcake?  I think not.

We shopped, played and then packed it up for the last couple of hours home.

It was such a great trip and the perfect way to start our summer.  Always grateful for uninterrupted time as a family.

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And just in case the one million photos I shared wasn't enough - here's a quick video ;) hahaha

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!  


  1. Well, that just looked like the best time EVER!!

  2. That place always looks like so much fun!!!! I wish we had a resort like that where I live. Happy first week of summer!!! :)

  3. Great trip recaps! Always love them.

  4. I love EVERY one of the photos that you take. Are they all taken with your Iphone? You have such a creative eye for photography!

    1. Thank you!!! This was a mix of iphone, big camera and underwater camera

  5. We are headed there in a few weeks with our sweet 3 yr old and some friends!! We’re excited!! Even more now! ��

  6. Beautiful photos.

  7. Griff is a mermaid! Love the one of that smile and that hat! Great trip!

  8. Loved the video! So sweet and will be so fun to look back on when they're all teenagers!

    1. Thank you! And YES! They already love looking back on videos :)

  9. Headed there on Saturday...just overnight for my husbands work but I love that place and can't wait to chill. Loved your IGTV video!

  10. You and your family are absolutely precious ❤️

  11. So did you guys just stay one night? If so, did you feel like it was enough time? We are debating how many nights to book when we go in August. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We stayed two nights so we had the first afternoon in the pool, the entire second day and then the following morning/afternoon there

  12. Well, if this is any indication of your summer, I'd say it's going to be the best one ever!;)


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