Monday, May 6, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!!!  Today is my last FULL week of school and it's kind of blowing my mind. Next week I'm on a trip for 3 days with students and then the week after that is 4 days of exams and then we're DONE!!!

Friday afternoon Mason had football practice and so I grabbed Luke and Griffin, they ran home and changed out of their school uniforms and then we went and grabbed Mason and a quick dinner...

... because we were headed to...

... the school play!  High school drama was putting on Peter and the Stargazer and I never miss an opportunity to see students doing what they love. 

I especially love going to see theater productions because so often the kids performances absolutely blow my mind because they're so quiet in class and so absolutely at home on the stage. 

It was FABULOUS but some of us couldn't hang even though we tried REALLY hard :)

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early.  The middle school semi-formal was Saturday night and there were a LOT of favors to get ready.  Thank goodness I have some great helpers!

While we were unpacking and sorting supplies my Dad picked Luke up and they headed to our neighborhood's annual kids fishing tournament.  Which brings me to number...

This was Luke's first year to fish in the tournament and he had an awesome time.  The weather was PERFECT, the fish were biting and...

... he placed in the tournament!!!

Look how COOL that trophy is!!! He was so excited!

Dave, Mason and Griffin and I stopped by the tournament about mid-way through on our way to bring the dance items up to the country club...

... and we made a quick drop off and dance floor check before heading home to get ready for...

Griffin's last soccer game of the season!  We've played a "last game" I think three times and then another game will show up on the schedule (makeup for rainout games) but I'm 99% sure this was her actual last game :)

She has had such a good season and we really couldn't have asked for a better first soccer experience for her. 

Saturday night I headed to the semi-formal and my three were SO EXCITED I was gone because MCKINLEY WAS HOME FROM COLLEGE!!!!  I mean - I'm pretty much chopped liver when she's around - which I LOVE!  

And y'all... McKinley's little brother came with her to hang out and I'm not sure Mason has ever been more excited ;)  He has a new favorite person for sure!

While the kids were playing outside and eating popcorn with their favorite people I was doing this...

... and this...

I work with the BEST people!!!  (PS - no clue why there's an Eiffel Tower on there... we didn't have a Paris theme. hahaha  Hopefully they'll have that corrected for me this week!)

Sunday morning came early!!!

but we took our tired/allergy eyes to church...

And then booked it over to Mason's flag football game.  It was the second round of playoffs and they WON!!! His team has grown so much this season and they are so much fun to watch.  The championship game is next weekend and he's so excited!

After football and a grocery run we made the most of the last few hours of the weekend...  swimming, grilling dinner outside, trying out the new BlueBell cookie cake flavor (yes, ma'am!) and finishing up a movie before bed.

Another packed and fun weekend in the books!!! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. details on griffin's dresses and purse please!

    1. Her pink dress is Pips and Poppy and her floral twirly dress is Alice and Ames. The kitty dress is Taylor Joelle and the purse was a bday gift from a friend and I’m not sure of the brand. Hope this helps!

  2. Fun weekend! You have!!!! Enjoy your last weeks of school and soon you’ll be home full-time for a few months :)

  3. My goodness you had a full weekend!!! Looks like a blast!

  4. That last picture!!! Bahahaha! I LOVE it!

  5. What is the coloured square "game" thing in the photo of the kids with McKinnley's little brother?

  6. Where did your dress come from, that you wore to church?

  7. That float is everything! Where is it from? :)

  8. You pack more fun into a weekend than anyone I know!;) Here's to your last full week of school, hard to believe summer is around the corner!

  9. Is the cookie cake flavor better than Blue Bell Cookies N Cream? I feel like nothing can beat that! But if it waistline is in big trouble! LOL!

    1. I'm a die hard cookie two step fan and this wasn't as good as that - but my kids loved it!

  10. Almost time for #smellslikesunscreen

  11. Congratulations to Luke on his fishing trophy! Looks like HaHa was pretty happy about the win as well! Good luck to Mason and his football team - sure hope they can win the championship this weekend. I'm still hoping to watch him play for TCU one day!

  12. We just got Cookie Two Step for the first time this weekend, mostly because we were on the hunt for Cookie Cake and couldn't find it yet in our area. Maybe we'll stop looking and just enjoy our Cookie Two Step :)

    Yay for your last full week of school! This is my last full week too! I have to have my grades turned in by next Tuesday, although I'm aiming for Monday. Hello summer break!!

  13. Can you tell me again where that leather bag is from that you carried to church Sunday morning? Thanks!

  14. Lots of fun in a couple days! Where are Griffin's bow shoes from? They are adorable!

  15. Wow! That was a busy weekend! I'd love to know what your had as favors for the dance!!

  16. WOW you guys get out super early!? Looks like a fun weekend!


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