Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Three Things - End of School Edition

Well... here I am on my first week of MWF posting sharing a post on a Tuesday.  I'm going to blame the holiday weekend :) 

Luke had a FANTASTIC fourth grade year.  His teachers were both wonderful and he learned and grew so much this year.  He received the "generosity" character award, maintained his place on Headmaster's Honor Roll and was first place in the Accelerated Reader program for his grade.  Academics are where Luke excels and we are SO PROUD of him!  I still can't believe that he's going to be in fifth grade next year - but he's READY!

Luke is ALL ABOUT origami right now.  I've bulk ordered origami paper for summer, he's got his apps all downloaded and I'm expecting to have paper creations on every surface of our house in no time flat :)

Luke is going to Sky Ranch overnight camp this summer and he is SO EXCITED!  We didn't push him to go last summer and this summer he is ready, confident and so looking forward to it.  He has definite ideas about his trunk and theme nights and I can't wait to see his vision come to life.  We're praying that his first camp experience is just as sweet as Mason's was last year and that it continues to encourage his walk with Christ and making his faith his own.

Mason has grown SO MUCH this year!!!  He made Headmaster's honor roll for a second year in a row and received the "hospitality" character award.  He LOVED Mrs. Francis and she was such a blessing in his life this year.  

Speaking of growth - it's worth mentioning that Mason finished the year so strong with reading.  Last February Mason cried when we practiced reading and his confidence was LOW.  He's put in so much work and is currently reading at a fourth grade level.  He read and tested on over 200 books this school year which, considering that getting through ONE book used to be a struggle, is blowing my mind.  We couldn't be more proud of him and all the hard work he's put in and are so grateful for his teachers, optometrist and vision therapist.  

I'm thinking that this will be my last official visual processing update and if you're in the thick of VT or a visual processing diagnosis consider this your keep on keeping on encouragement for today.

The kids got their yearbooks and as we were flipping through them we couldn't stop laughing at Mason's "Favorite State"...

... in his own words, "Mom!  I was on my way to PE and this girl stopped and asked me what my favorite state was.  I was already thinking about four square and all I could come up with was Canada!" :) 

And then I saw the page he filled out with his favorites...

... his favorite song had me ROLLING!!!  His best friend, Jack, introduced him to the song "Joker and the Thief" and apparently Mason thinks it's "Joker and the TEETH" :)

- A to Z VERSES -
The kindergarten class has been working all year to memorize 26 Bible verses... one for each letter of the alphabet.  They recited them during a program on Wednesday and it was seriously the most touching thing ever.  Hearing their little voices recite so much truth reminded and reaffirmed why we put so much merit into Christian education.

Mrs. Hamilton has been a BIG part of our family's life over the years - she was all three kids Kindergarten teacher and will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts.  She has taught them so much, shown ENDLESS patience and (somehow!) was the perfect fit for all three of my kids.  We love Mrs. Hamilton!!!

After the Kindergarten program on Wednesday the principal hosted a water fun afternoon for the kindergarteners which included a slip and slide.  We quickly realized that slip-and-sliding is not G's forte and is a "goal" she wants to work on this summer :)  My goals are more along the lines of continuing to work on independent reading and shoe tying but I'm sure we can fit some slip-and-slide time in as well :)

Between Spring weddings, golf tournaments, Easter, Mother's Day and other miscellaneous parties and banquets Dave has been BUSY .  I could NEVER keep the hours that he has to keep and always marvel at how well he manages it all.  That said, we are so glad it's going to slow down a little bit and we'll get him back (hopefully!) at least one day a week.

This is going to be the first summer in 13 summers that I'm NOT going to make a to-do-list.  I usually have a list with lots of projects and sch and rarely do I tackle more than a couple things on it so this summer I'm letting go of the list and make my top priority "have fun with my kids" ;)

- FBI -
Dave and I are currently binge watching FBI on CBS. My dad recommended it and we are both really loving it.  We are always looking for good summer shows - so if you have a good one let me know!


  1. Could you share the 26 verses that go with the alphabet? Would love to teach this to my grandchildren! Have a great summer!

  2. What a great way to start the summer....recapping and looking forward to time with your family. Good for you!!! Enjoy every minute :)

  3. Loved reading such great stuff about all your kiddos! HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!

  4. Happy Summer! I have four more days of school.....final exam and grading! :)

  5. You will NEVER regret making "having fun with my kids" your top summer goal! Enjoy this time. They grow TOO FAST (mine are 23 & 20!).

  6. I thought this video for shoe tying was pretty cool. I tried it with my preschooler and she's not quite ready yet. :) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1309951925823121

  7. The Last Ship on Hulu...soooooo good!

  8. I have a little one entering Kinder in August. I would love to start working on memory verses for her. Any good tips to work on memorization with her?

  9. I don't know what theirs are, but you can order some through A-Beka publishing. They have a tiny set of alphabet cards with the verse on them.

  10. Yes, please on the 26 verses!

  11. A great show that I stumbled on is called Riviera. I watched it on the Ovation app but my friend watched it on AMC.com It is so great and the new season is comng in June. I feel like it's the best show that no one is watching!

  12. My kids and granddaughter all learned a verse for each letter of the alphabet at their Christian school where I still teach. I loved it too. It is invaluable instruction. They probably remember more than they even realize. Do you use Abeka curriculum for kindergarten? We use that for almost all classes.


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