Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring Gift guide - Boys

Last week I shared a Spring Gift Guide for girls and today I'm so excited to share a guide for boys!

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Drawing comic books is high up on the activity list at our house and both boys will be getting a package of  these twistables in their easter baskets.  They usually draw their comics in pencil and these will be great for coloring in their illustrations.

New Natives are spring essentials and both my boys really love  this style because they look a little more "athletic" than the Jeffersons (although they still love those too).  I love Natives because they are super easy to wipe clean (or throw in a sink of soapy water), they never smell and they're perfect for all the Spring/Summer activities involving water.

I ADORE the color of  this hat.  It screams Spring and I love it when my boys wear hats!

Mason gave  this Nerf/Dude Perfect set to a friend for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was a HUGE hit!  Simple and fun and great for indoors or outside.

Plus Plus blocks are awesome because they can make flat figures or 3D shapes.  They encourage creative thinking and you can toss them in your bag for an easy activity when you need to wait somewhere.

Dog Man is a series that both my boys love and read over and over again.  This is the new book that's available for pre-order and they can't wait to get their hands on it!

I mentioned  MakeDo products in an earlier post and  this kit is SO MUCH FUN!  IT's a set of screws a saw and a screwdriver specifically designed for creating with cardboard.  Amazon prime boxes, cereal boxes and on and on and on... the building materials are free and the creative opportunities are endless.  

A new bathing suit is a great basket filler and I love the print/length of this one.  We love this brand and the quality is always top notch as well.

Sunglasses are another great filler - perfect for park, pool, outings, etc.  

If you haven't played with  a boogie board before you're missing out!  They're these little LED light boards that are under $15 and are great for practicing spelling words, playing Hangman, keeping scores on games when you're out and about, etc.

Luke got a  Would You Rather book in his stocking at Christmas and it has been so much fun!  A really cute little conversation starter.  Would be great if you're going on a road trip as well!

I recently picked  this shirt up for Luke because I'm always on the lookout for shirts that are super comfy and soft, but still nice enough to wear with khaki shorts to church or out to dinner.  I love the color blocking and he approved as well :)

I've raved about  Mobi multiple times... it's essentially Scrabble with numbers and operation symbols and is great for a variety of ages/abilities. 

The nightball is on my list for Mason's birthday and it's so cool because it lights up and actually gets brighter the more it's bounced/thrown/etc.  He wants to play basketball ALL THE TIME and I'm so excited to have found this for him!  I even found a football version HERE.

All three of my kids have had a  Hydroflask this year for school and all three have managed to keep track of them thanks to  these handles :)  They keep their water cold for hours and are extremely durable.  And again...  the handle is what makes all the difference!

I really have no clue why all three of my kids love  Bob Ross so much but I'm not mad about it :)   This little keychain would be a fun little addition to an Easter basket that would be sure to bring out a smile.

All three of my kids had a pair of  these goggles last summer and all of our other goggles are now obsolete.  They're comfy but still tight and didn't pull on anyone's hair like the ones with the rubber straps often do.

I hope you found some ideas and inspiration for your Spring gift giving!

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  1. I added "Would You Rather?" and the goggles to my Amazon cart! Thanks!

  2. I'm going to buy that VV hat for myself!!

  3. We got Solon a light up football for Christmas and he was so excited :) . I haven't heard of the boogie board, I'll have to look it up - might be perfect for our China trip!

  4. These will be great for Easter baskets also! Thanks!

  5. Great ideas! I'll have to check these out. My 8 yr old son loves Dog Man too!


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