Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer for What's up Wednesday.  I still can't believe that February is over!

This week has been a little more hectic than normal and we met Dave's family for dinner Monday night and then I went out with friends last night and the kids and Dave ate out after Mason's football game but tonight I'm hoping to get  pork chops and potatoes au gratin on the table and then probably  this faux quiche on Thursday night.

There has been lots of reminiscing about Manda this week and it's been great.  Sharing memories and pictures and laughing and crying and just remembering.

Celebrating Manda's 35th birthday is one of my absolute favorite memories EVER - we surprised her with a limo and pink boa and a tiara (it was Griffin's Sofia the first tiara that came through in a pinch) and I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. 

Jeni happened to have had her baby pretty much while we were at dinner and so you know that we had to ask her to stop by on our way home.  I mean - if I looked that gorgeous after giving birth I'd want all of my friends to stop by too :)  We got to meet sweet Hayes, dropped off some cheesecake, filler her in on dinner and just had so much fun.  Best birthday ever.

The group hug that happens every day when I pick Griffin up from ESS :)  This is the sweetest little crew of kiddos!

Just regular life!  Sports have started, we've had a few warm days and I feel like we've already started "spring cleaning".  I've been refolding all the clothes konmari-style and we've been getting rid of a TON of outgrown Spring/Summer items.

Nothing really... although we did take a good look at the yard the other day and I'm not super excited about the annual post-winter cleanup that's pretty much inevitable :)

I still can't believe we're talking summer but we've been starting to work on our summer calendar... scheduling school camps, overnight camp, family trips, etc. 

I picked up  this dress for Griffin and I'm super excited about it because I think it's going to be a spring/summer staple.  It's so soft and the quality is awesome.  I think we'll be seeing a LOT of it! (PS - how sweet is Griffin with her Haha!)

A co-worker just told me about The Keepers and I can't stop watching it! Have you watched it?  Did you like it?  Let me know what you think (no spoilers, please!!!)  I'll keep you posted on what I think when I finish it.

This song has been on repeat since we saw The Lego Movie 2 :) 

I'm also listening to the Up and Vanished Podcast which I'm really enjoying...

Lots of dresses and tights and  one of my very favorite dresses just came out in this print...

... and I feel like it would be so cute with black tights and clogs now as well as wedges this summer.  It's such a cute and EASY style of dress that's perfect for teachers (great length, sleeve, etc.).

I don't think we have and major plans and I am PUMPED.  I'd like to do some cooking and get ahead in meal prepping for the busy weeks ahead and I'm hoping to sneak in a Sunday afternoon nap.  It looks like the weather might take a turn for the VERY cold (and possibly even give us a teeny bit of snow?!?!) so you better believe we'll be spending our weekend wishing for that :)

Mason SAYS he wants it to snow, but this picture says otherwise...

SPRING BREAK!!!!  I'm looking forward to a week with my kiddos relaxing - we have a few little day trips planned but we're just looking forward to the break and being together.

This "almost hole" in my tights is new and happened when I completely bit it on a piece of cake on the gym floor in front of EVERYONE amidst the chaos after a baby shower  :)  Seriously.  Somehow I landed on my knee (which is now swollen - I'm a mess) - and I wish I could say that this was the first time I've wiped out in front of co-workers and students but it's not - and it probably won't be the last.  Impressive part?  That I had a hot tea in my hand and somehow managed to not spill it!  #skills

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. I just finished watching The Keepers. Oh. My. Word. Fascinating in the absolute WORST way...

  2. My goodness you're busy :) Mason in the snow--he always puts on the best facial expressions that make me smile. Griffin looks adorable in that dress with your dad. I sure hope your knee is ok!

  3. I have watched The Keepers and honestly it blew my mind! Fascinating!

  4. I have so bit it with tights on... clear nail polish to the rescue and aspirin.

  5. The Keepers is fantastic but absolutely disturbing and heartbreaking. Especially since the Catholic church is still in deep, deep denial of the atrocities that exist in their churches. But those women are some of the most inspiring people I've ever witnessed, and that was beautiful to see.

    1. They are not in denial and have acknowledged the problems. Sad that it happens everywhere and in all religions but it’s only publicized about the Catholic religion.

  6. Pork chops are on the menu at my house tomorrow to! I’m going to try your recipe instead of what I had planned 😃

  7. I have never seen The Keeprs, or even heard of it. I might need to check it out. Those pork chops look so yummy. I might have to make those next week. I am excited for Spring Break too. I hope you have a great rest of your week.

  8. Sorry about your wipe out, laugh it off and ice the knee ! great pics ! :)

  9. The Keepers is so well done - but so frustrating. It's a school around the area I'm from so it made it even more difficult to watch. And like others said above, given the recent news, it's an even more discouraging watch!

  10. Our spring break is the week after Easter!? So it is like 2 months away for us! I am so jealous that your is coming soon.
    Hope your knee heals quickly!

  11. You had me at that pork chop!! Craig will lose his mind if I can pull this off. hahaha That Inspired Chick

  12. What thickness bone in pork chops do you purchase for this recipe? I've never prepared chops ideally, & I'm hoping to change that soon. Thank you!

  13. Hi Andrea! The keepers is unreal. I went to high school there from 03-07. The hallways, office, and classrooms are accurate as they appear on the series. Obviously this was way before my time there. But some girls I was in school with, their moms went to Keough during that time. So sad and heartbreaking. As for the other school St.Clements in the series. I had a boss that was an alter boy there. and he said during that time everything said was true about Maskell. He would get the Alter Boys drunk and then would slap them on their knuckles. But what he said was during that time if you were to go home and tell your parents the priest hit you the parents would assume you did something wrong so no one ever said anything. Sadly, the high school closed last year due to funding but so crazy to think I actually walked those halls. Hoping for a second season!

  14. I didn’t love The Keepers. Too heavy

  15. Oh my word--The Keepers was so unbelievably disturbing, but I just couldn't stop watching it.

  16. I've recently noticed you don't do the bonus question on your WUW posts. Is there something I missed?


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