Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Amazon Lately

With a few warmer days last week I was thiiiiiis close to pulling out the flip flops and in anticipation of that I realized that I needed to grab  my go-to spring/summer pedi polish.   OPI Strawberry Margarita is the best bright pink somehow makes me look tanner than I am - which is important ;)

I saw  these glitter shoes and read the reviews and decided that for under $20 they'd be a fun school/weekend option for Griffin.  So far the glitter has held up and they actually have a side zipper which is great because she doesn't have to mess with the laces.  I do think they run a little bit large - so take that into account when you're ordering.

I first started talking about  this texture spray back in May and it's hands-down my favorite hair product.  My current can was running low so I ordered a backup and really can't say enough great things about the volume and soft texture it gives. 

Griffin started soccer last week and we found out on a Tuesday that her first game was going to be that Saturday.  I opted for Prime instead of a trip to the mall (YES!) and was really pleased with what we got.  

Hands-down the worst part of soccer (for me, personally) are the shin guards and socks.  ;)

I ordered  these socks with built in shin guards and while they're still a pain to get on they're not as big of a pain as pulling socks up and over a seperate guard. 

She also needed cleats and it should surprise no one that  this pink pair was the winner ;)

The last thing I ordered was  this headband to keep her hair out of her eyes.  It's "grippy" on one side and stayed in place the entire game. She didn't mess with it so I know it was comfortable and I think it looks cute, too.

These Bible tabs were in my "day in the life" post from a few weeks ago and a TON of y'all loved them as much as I did.  I love how colorful and quirky they are and they were really easy to put on.

I get asked often about the tea that I drink and hands down  Tazo Awake English Breakfast is my absolute favorite.  A little milk and sugar and I'm good to go.

This K'Nex set is normally $80 and currently on sale for $20 so I grabbed one for Luke's birthday and a few extras to have on hand for birthday gifts for the boys friends.  My boys LOVE k'nex and I love the quality and how the sets can be built over and over again as well as combined with other sets.

The griddle that we got for our wedding shower 13+  years ago finally bit the dust so I ordered  this replacement and it's been GREAT!  We use our griddle ALL THE TIME for grilled cheese, eggs and pancakes and I have no complaints about this one.

I ordered  these storage bags to hold extra blankets in our linen closet.  We have a TON of blankets that I was tempted to get rid of but our kids use them when they're building forts and having sleepovers and these bags were the perfect solution.  I was able to fit a BUNCH in each bag and the kids can pull the bags out of the closet and take them upstairs.  They were under $20 for the set and they saved so much space and a little bit of my sanity as well - hahaha

I saw  this sheep planter online at Anthropologie and happened to come across it for much less on Amazon.  I'm now just waiting for my local garden center to get in a few more options before filling it.  There is a drain in the bottom and while I'll probably end up with ferns - it looks great with succulents in it as well.

So I mentioned that I threw away ALLLLL our cups over Christmas break and swapped them out for a set of stainless cups with each kid's name on them and that system has worked BEAUTIFULLY for drinks at our house.  They've been rinsing/washing their stainless cups throughout the day/evening as they drink various things and I haven't had to deal with 700 little cups.  Hallelujah.  

I just ordered them each one of  these stainless steel straw tumblers to use for water upstairs and in the car.  They have their school water bottles, but we have a system where those are either in their backpacks or in the fridge and these have been great for in their rooms, in the playroom, etc.  I will say that we have a water-only rule because there's nothing grosser than a straw cup with milk in it. hahaha

This is more thought/energy than I EVER thought I'd be giving to drinkware - but such is #momlife

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping, friends!

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  1. Wow-what a great list, Andrea! I've gotta try the textured spray, & those storage bags for blankets are definitely something we could use around here, but the first thing I'm ordering is the Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea--I've been wondering what tea you drink--so thank you for this list!

  2. The cups are brilliant! So smart!

  3. Please keep sharing these. I enjoy them and get lots of good ideas

  4. I love those Bible tabs...and I'm dying to see how the sheep planter looks when you're done. ; )

  5. I'll be all over that soccer stuff in the next month for my daughter. How did you think the cleats fit? TTS?

  6. I love your picks. I need to order that nail polish...if it makes a person look tanner I need that! Also, I love those bible tabs and that tea! I also love that planter. Have you tried the Tazo glazed lemon loaf tea, or the vanilla bean macaroon tea yet? So good when you need a little something different.

  7. Love the Bible tabs and thanks so much for sharing the K'nex! My boys LOVE those as well! And I'm still trying to master the tea. Do you use two tea bags when you make it at home? Have a great Wednesday, Andrea!! Simply Tish

  8. These are some good finds! There really not much that is grosser than finding a cup/straw with something milk based and curdled in it!

  9. We got rid of so many cups recently too! Our 2 big kids transitioned to big people cups at dinner so we don't need nearly as many as I that we have space in our kid utensil drawer now!

  10. I HATE soccer equipment!! I have tried so many different shin guards... finally found a decent pair that just strap around the calf. Such a pain!
    Love the cups and put the texture spray in my cart! :)


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