Monday, January 28, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Friday started with some excitement!  It was a school-wide pep rally and Griffin's Lil' Stangs cheer team got to perform a cheer and dance.  They could not have been cuter and this picture of them walking out made me smile and I swear I can hear Shania Twain say, "Let's Go Girls" when I look at it ;)

She. Was. So. Excited.

Bow out, poms put away and pretty darn pleased :)  The sweetest part was watching her brothers cheer for her!  I hope there is a lot of sibling cheering happening in this gym over the years!

After school I picked up the kids and we went to the JV basketball game where the girls got to perform and cheer one last time.

They did sideline cheers the first half of the game...

 ... and then did their dance at the half.

While it's fun to see Griffin doing something she really loves - the absolute best part of this program is the relationships that form between the girls.  Griffin has made these sweet little connections with middle and high school girls and seeing them on her way to choir and having them give her a high five or getting a hug on the way to PE are often times the highlight of her day.  It's such a special part of a small PK-12 school. 

Saturday morning we ran a couple of errands that involved one kid looking WAY small...

.... and another looking WAY big :) 

I took the boys to see "The Kid Who Would Be King" and we had a horrible time in this setup :)  (just kidding - I wanted to move in)

The movie was GREAT (great for kids probably 7 and up... there was some kind of scary imagery) and both of my boys ate it up! 

We played a quick round of pool and then headed home.

Saturday night we hung out at home with matching messy buns...

... and Sunday after church the kids all worked on making birthday cards because...

... it was Dave's Grandma's 98th birthday party! :)

I brought my camera and was able to grab some pictures and this one is PRICELESS because of the kiss situation happening with Mason :)  Minnie Fae LOVES her some Mason!

We wrapped up the party the best way possible... enjoying the sunshine and climbing the same trees that their daddy climbed as a kid ;)  

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Oh how sweet!! I hope Minnie Fae enjoyed her day! What a great crew to celebrate with!

  2. We missed you last night, but Grandma's birthday looked like so much fun! 98?! So amazing!!! Annnnd when you move in to the movie theater, I'll come with you :) .

  3. This is so sweet! Love the pic of your husband and his Grandma! Older people are my favorite!

  4. What a sweet weekend. I wish we had a movie theatre like that, we would be moving in too!

  5. I love his grandmom's painted nails! We need a blog post telling us her life lessons and secrets to living a long life.

  6. I agree with Sandra Pearce, I would love to hear some of Dave's grandmother's stories--how amazing she must be! Your family is such a blessing! The children are growing so fast! Griffin is so pretty, Mason always makes me smile so big--he is an "original" to the nth degree! Luke looks like a teenager already! Love reading your daily's! Thank you

  7. God bless 98!! My grandfather just turned 95 and its amazing to have him around and have him form a relationship with Sadie (my daughter)


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