Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend Top 10

I had a different post scheduled for today - but completely slacked on any and all blog prep this weekend so instead I'm sharing the top 10 from our very regular, very lazy weekend :)

Saturday morning we finished a puzzle, ran to the grocery store and caught up on laundry.  All the exciting Saturday morning things.

We finally got the ladder out to take down Buddy the Elf's handiwork... 

... and we reenacted a photo that was in the back of a photo frame because so much sweetness!

We watched "The Borrowers" and snuggled...

... made our own rainbows...

... and played "baby" with Jack Bauer :)

We caught up on sleep...

... worked on our lip gloss skills...

... and practiced reading.

And rounded out the weekend with way too many rounds of Crokinole.

We're really trying to soak up these "in between" lazy weekends.  The ones before practices and games and all the other obligations start back up.  

Here's hoping that you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend as well!



  1. These are my favorite kind of weekends!!

  2. Lazy weekends are the best!
    That game looks like so much fun and the puzzles are awesome too!

  3. We have the mini plus-plus and my girl loves them. They came in a tube which makes for easy transport!

  4. I love weekends like this. We are back into full on sports mode over here. I think our weekends will start slowing down in February between basketball and baseball. You had a great weekend!

  5. What puzzle is that? My kids would love the cute animals!

  6. This is the BEST kind of weekend! Glad you guys had some family down time! Simply Tish

  7. I need that fuzzy pink blanket! Where is it from?

  8. I'd love some recommendations for VERY early readers. (Pre'k level).

  9. Andrea you're so good with all the age appropriate games and activities with your kids. I love hearing what works for y'all! Please consider doing a post on favorite games by age. I'd love to hear what you like when your kids were mine's ages (5 & 3)
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely posts

  10. Nothing better than some quality family time all weekend :)

  11. What are the links that Mason is playing with (making the rainbow) called? My grandkids would love those!


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