Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!  We're in the home stretch before break and we are HERE FOR IT!  We have exams, parties, programs, luncheons and then the BLISS of 2+ weeks off.  PRAISE HANDS! 

A mom of a little girl in Griffin's class hosted a tea party with Mrs. Claus on Friday afternoon for all the kindergarten girls and Griffin was THRILLED because the girls were told to wear their "fanciest dresses", necklaces and tiaras!  SIGN HER UP!

The entire party was precious and the details were amazing.

After the party we had to drop something of at the country club for Dave and she was so excited to show her daddy her dress.  Sigh.

Friday night was a suuuuuper low key evening at home.  Fireside playing, pizza eating, tea drinking and Christmas music listening. Perfection.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a bedside tooth pulling :)

Later that morning we had our annual breakfast date with Santa at the country club.  It still blows my mind that we've been coming here since Luke was 8 months old!

The Santa has changed, but the pancakes are just as good every single year :) 

Mason had to show Santa his missing tooth :)

We got home and I was cleaning out the refrigerator (glamorous!) when I turned around and there was Mason in the kitchen holding a gecko!

Apparently they rescued him from "the clutches of Jelly Bean" and he was transporting him from the front yard to the back and decided a pitstop to see me was in order. 

The weather was GORGEOUS on Saturday and we spent pretty much the entire afternoon right here...

... backward boots and all :)

Front step sitting time is some of my very favorite.

Sunday morning was a PJ party at church...

... and then after lunch (and changing out of our jammies) all three kids and I headed out to get new school shoes.  I was hopeful we'd make it all the way through the semester with our initial pairs from the start of school but some catastrophic ripping on Friday led us to the mall with 75 million other people.  This was us parked 2 miles away from the mall bracing ourselves for the chaos...

We ended the night with some iPad time and Jelly Bean's face pretty much summed up my Sunday night mood :)

It's the last school Monday of 2018 and that in itself makes it a good one!  I have 4 more (I gave 2 on Friday) exams to give and grade and then we're home free!  Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Besides the mall trip, it sounds like the perfect weekend! :)

  2. Those pics with Griffin and her dad just melt your heart. I love both of her holiday dresses, so cute. We braved Wal-mart yesterday but I was thankful we only had a handful of things to get!

    1. Thanks, friend! And yes... at this point if it can't be primed it can wait ;)

  3. Jelly Bean's face is the best! Shhh! Don't tell my kitties I said that! :)

  4. Happy Monday. Jelly Bean's face is killin me. What a great weekend. You all are brave to be going into a mall this time of year on a weekend. Ha! That's a great Friday night!

    1. Desperate times call for desperate measures - nothing could be ordered and arrive on time so we did what we had to do :)

  5. GG dresses are the best and look on her face in the pic with Dave, swoon:). Have a great week, Andrea!!

  6. I love Griffin's tea party dress. So cute! I am submitting my grades TODAY and then I'm on Christmas break! I hope all of yours go well :)

    1. Isn't it fun?!?! I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of it! Good luck with grades!

  7. I love both of Griffin's fancy dresses! And, the PERFECT Friday night!


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