Thursday, December 27, 2018


Happy Thursday, friends!  It feels good to be back and I'm excited to catch y'all up on a few of the festive things that have been happening around here. 

Last week we braved the rain and headed to Enchant in Arlington and it was GORGEOUS!!!

We went last year when it was in a large, open lot and this year it moved inside Globe Life Park and while it had a different "feel" it was still so much fun.  The view when you walked in was pretty amazing...

... and once you were in the maze it wasn't too shabby either!

We hit some insane traffic and didn't get there until right around 8 pm and it was drizzling so it was relatively empty which we loved.  Lots of room to run!

Snow :)

This year's theme was Christmas toys and the kids had to find several large light toys in the maze like this dinosaur...

... plane...

... and this train...

... and doll.

There's this one area that you can walk through where there are thousands of hanging lights and it's pure magic.

We were able to walk through at least a dozen times since it wasn't crowded and it was Griffin's favorite part.

The best.

We opted out of ice skating due to time, but enjoyed watching others make their way around the ice.

We walked back up to the stadium level to look for funnel cakes (spoiler alert - there weren't any this year - BOO!!!) and Griffin went up on the stage with several other kids to sing Christmas carols.  This is where she is TOTALLY different than my boys.  You couldn't PAY Luke or Mason to get up there and she was just WAITING for the "kids, come on up" :) hahaha

I think the part that I missed most about last year was the market area.  This year it was in the stadium and the booths weren't nearly as fun and "markety" feeling (I know that's not a word... but I don't know how else to describe it).  Same goes for the food/stage area.  Last year there was a large main stage with long picnic tables and food booths all at one end (hot cocoa, funnel cakes, etc.) and this year it was the regular stadium concessions.

Overall we had a great time - BUT if it comes back next year and is in the stadium we probably won't go back.   If you're local (or in Seattle because the same event is there as well) and you haven't been before I definitely recommend checking it out before NYE!


  1. WOW!!! That place looks gorgeous!!!! I wish we had something like that around here. I LOOOOVE Christmas lights!!!!

  2. We went to Great Wolf Lodge last week and almost went to Enchant based on your post last year. I did some research before leaving and read several reviews that it wasn't as good as last year' We opted for the activities at the Gaylord instead and had a blast. Hopefully it will be good next year. We are thinking our trip to Great Wolf before Christmas may become a traditional.


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