Friday, November 23, 2018

Women's Gift Guide

When I set out to make a Women's Gift Guide I didn't intend for it to become an "Andrea's Favorites" post... but as I started making my list of recommendations I quickly realized that that's exactly what this was going to become :)  When I recommend something it's always something I know, use and love and this guide makes me SO HAPPY!  I hope you find something that you love just as much as I do.  If you have questions about anything let me know in the comments... you can click on the images below to shop and/or read more about them below.  Happy Shopping!

ONE -  Saranoni blankets are THE BEST blankets of all time.  EVER.  They're better than Little Giraffe, better than Barefoot Dreams, better than even my beloved Matilda Jane blankets.  They're crazy soft, just the right weight (a little bit heavy) and wash beautifully over and over and over.  We have several and the "stripe" ones are my absolute favorites.  And now you can find them  HERE with free shipping! SCORE!  I know they're pricey - but I promise they're worth it!

TWO - If I could only wear one pair of earrings for ever and ever it would be  these leather earrings.  They go with everything and are incredibly lightweight.  I've had my first pair for five years and they still look as good as new.

THREE - These pens are my go-to pens for grading papers, writing notes, filling in my planner and everything in between.  They're a perfect stocking stuffer for all ages and you'd be shocked at how many of my middle schoolers LOVE these pens.

FOUR - This is a big one... I've had this coat for about 4 years and love it just as much as when I first got it.  It's warm, classic and you can remove the fur from the hood to make it a little less "winter" and extend the use into cooler Spring mornings.  I LOVE THIS COAT.  IT's 50% off right now and it would be the perfect "I'd never buy this myself" sort of gift under the tree.

FIVE - I wear  these clogs year round with sundresses and sunglasses to jeans and sweaters.  They're just getting better with age and are surprisingly comfortable for a wooden sole shoe.  I've tried several brands of clogs and these are the comfiest and best quality and they're a great price for what you get.

SIX - Last year I got a sample of  Bright Crystal and immediately fell in love.  It's floral-y without being overpowering, smells "light" (if that's possible) and lasts all day.  It's my favorite scent ever.

SEVEN - When I stayed with Sheaffer in NYC she made me try out all of her Colleen Rothschild products (seriously... when Sheaffer tells you to do something you DO IT!) and I was am immediate believer in  the cleansing balm.  My makeup MELTED off and when I wiped off the excess my skin felt hydrated but not greasy.  I don't really understand how it happened - but it was magic.  All of her products are  30% off right now with code BF2018.  I've always been a drugstore product believer so this is a splurge for me - but if it lasts as long as Sheaffer swears it does - it'll actually end up being less than the makeup remover pads I typically use. 

EIGHT - I bought  my first blardigan years ago and wear one almost every single night.  They wash and dry beautifully and can be worn out with leggings or jeans.  They're the perfect gift for the women on your list and are on sale!

NINE - I love  a good beanie and these beanies are my favorites.  They have a fleece band on the inside and the pom pom is extra poofy.

TEN - We play a lot of games at our house and  Ticket to Ride is my FAVORITE.  

ELEVEN - For several years now my kids have been buying me  different dessert plates and I have quite the eclectic collection :)  I love hearing how and why they picked the ones they did and I love that I have a whole set of memories.  Dave loves it because he can walk into Anthro, let them each pick a plate and he knows he's walking out with something that I'll love.

TWELVE -  My all-time FAVORITE candle is 30% off right now.  These are a total treat and make your whole house smell wonderful!

THIRTEEN - I've had a few pairs of  UGG slippers over the years and  these are hands-down my favorite.  They are SO COZY and comfy and I love the extra little bit of warmth they give you when you're wearing them for a grocery store run or through the Starbucks drive through :) 

FOURTEEN - I feel like I haven't shut up about  this tunic since October so I'll refrain for telling you about how comfortable, versatile and great it is for now :)   (and it's on sale!) 

FIFTEEN - I know that I sang the praises of Saranoni earlier on in the post and those are still the best blanket you can buy... BUT sometimes you need  a heated blanket and if that's the case then this one's a winner.  My office always gets really cold and I love snuggling up in it while I work in the evenings.

SIXTEEN - I didn't think I could ever make the switch to an  e-reader but then I did and it was the best decision ever.  I love that I can toss it in my bag and I'm reading more than ever since I always have a book on hand. 

SEVENTEEN -  Lollia breathe has been my go-to hand cream since college.  I always have one in my purse - it's moisturizing without being greasy and the scent is beautiful.  The packaging makes it a perfect gift and really you can't go wrong with anything Lollia.

EIGHTEEN - My  all-time FAVORITE charm is this one by Waxing Poetic.  I have it mixed in with insignias on a rolo chain and wear it daily. 

NINETEEN -  This vacuum is life-changing... which I know sounds dramatic but it's true.  We use it multiple times a day and love that it's cordless and super light weight.  You can also take off the long pole and make it more of a handvac which is great for stairs and for kids to use. 

TWENTY - I'm a self-professed (and proud) plant lady and have had great luck with  these fiddle leaf figs in my house.  They ship perfectly and FAST and the plants I've received have always been healthy and really full. 

TWENTY ONE - If you missed my initial review of  the oventure keyring you can click  HERE to read about why I love it. And I have a code right now that will get you 15% off - ANDREA15 :)

TWENTY TWO - I got  this camera last Spring and it's been a game changer.  It's REALLY user friendly (I'm not a photographer!), produces beautiful images and the screen comes out and rotates 360 degrees which makes taking pictures at awkward angles not only possible but easy and comes in super handy if you're trying to film a video. 

TWENTY THREE -  These joggers are comfy enough to be PJs but cute enough to be grocery store pants... and they're on sale :)

TWENTY FOUR - Crossing my fingers that Santa pops a couple of  these bottles into my stocking because it's the best tp coat in the history of top coats.  Super shiny, fast drying and helps my manicure last for days longer than other brands.

PS - the links used in this post are affiliate links... thank you for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. What size of the Saranoni blanket would you recommend?

  2. Basically I just need to forward this entire list to my husband for gift ideas! SO many good ones!!


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