Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gift Guide for Girls

Griffin is 5.5 and so much to shop for right now.  She loves all things "little", imaginative play and artistic. I had so much fun putting together this list of things that she either has and loves or things that I think she would flip over :)

You can click directly on the items in the graphic below to shop!

ONE - We were first introduced to  these paint sticks at Play Street and immediately went and ordered some for ourselves.  They're so much fun to work with and she reaches for these all the time.

TWO - I picked up two of these puzzles a few months ago (the USA one as well as  the Europe map) and all three of my kids have had a great time with them.  Obviously they're more of a challenge for Griffin, but there's some great info printed on the back of the pieces and the quality is great.  

THREE - Rosie Revere Engineer is one of our very favorite books to read along with Iggy Peck and Ada Twist.  I've linked up some of G's other favorite books below as well...

FOUR - Santa is bringing Griffin  this bike this year and I'm so excited about the banana seat, streamers and basket.  She hasn't had a bike of her own yet (she's always just ridden her brothers trikes) so I think having something all her own (that she can put stuffed animals in the basket of!) is going to make her day.

FIVE - Squigz are new to us but are a fun stocking stuffer find.  They are suction cups that stick to each other and any other smooth, non-porous surface.  They're made of food-grade silicone and can get washed in the dishwasher (YES, MA'AM!) and I can't wait to see what she creates with them.

SIX - I feel like we avoided the  LOL doll craze for a long time, but she was introduced to them by a friend at school and now we're falling down the dark hole that is #allthelittlepieces

SEVEN - This  new OSMO game is right up G's alley.  Drawing and princesses - sign her up :)

EIGHT - We got Griffin  pretend scrubs last year and she has worn them ALL THE TIME.  I got hers embroidered with "Dr. McAnally" on them and they were a great addition to her dress-up bin.

NINE -  Mini Melissa's are a little girl's dream shoe :)  Sparkly, fun and they smell like strawberry bubble gum!

TEN - Griffin talks about wanting to be a doctor when she grows up (along with a rock star and a mom) and I'm always down for a game of check-up where I lay on the couch and let her "fix me" :) and I love  this doctor set because it looks to have a lot of additional pieces you don't find in most (like the teeth!)

ELEVEN - Pattern play is a house favorite - it comes with tons of different cards and you have to move and orient the pieces to match the cards.   This is a version we don't have but that G would love!

TWELVE - Griffin has been asking for a Barbie Dream House non-stop but I can't bring myself to spend that amount of money on something so plastic :)   This dollhouse has wonderful reviews, is on wheels so you can easily move it from room to room and fits up to 12" dolls.  LOVE!

THIRTEEN - Griffin is still all about  Barbies and we all know how she feels about pink!

FOURTEEN - We have  this coding game and she LOVES it!  You program the mouse to follow the track and I love the critical thinking aspect of it.

FIFTEEN -  These clips are on sale and are the ones that she wears almost daily.  They are WONDERFUL!

SIXTEEN - This set of 11 Disney dolls is half off and the dolls are so cute.  She got this for her birthday last year and plays with the dolls often.

SEVENTEEN/EIGHTEEN - If you've followed here for a while you know that Griffin is a BIG fan of dress up and  this pink dress is pretty much what her dreams are made of :)   The blue dress is the one she wore for the Harvest Party this year and the butterflies are such a pretty touch.

NINETEEN - Pop beads are so much fun and I love that she can create and recreate as many times as she wants.  Added bonus that  this set comes with it's own carrying case.

TWENTY/TWENTY ONE - Griffin still loves playing "restaurant" and I think that  this fruit salad set and/or  this salad set would be cute additions to her play food collection.

TWENTY TWO - I mean, what little girl doesn't need a  sparkly swan purse???

TWENTY THREE/TWENTY FOUR - I loved Breyer horses growing up and  this barn and  this horse and rider is precious.

TWENTY FIVE - A  sweet little necklace to put in her sparkly swan purse :)

If you're shopping for a little girl I hope that you found some fun ideas!  Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. I’m not going to lie.... I’m 39 and I want that bike!!
    Excellent list, I added the paint sticks, squigz , puzzles and coding game to our Amazon wish list for grandparents to shop from

  2. I have thought about the squigz for Lucy. Vera wants a bike with handle bar brakes this year :)

  3. I always love your gift guides! I don’t have any girls but I added those paint sticks to my boys’ Christmas wishlist! :)

  4. I have a 2, 3, and 5 year old and we love the squigz! I call them our "restaurant toy" as they go with us when we go out to eat. It keeps all of them talking, building, and creating while patiently waiting for their food.

  5. These ideas are perfect! I always love your guides, and these are perfect for my little girl. Thanks!

  6. These are the best posts!!! Thank you for doing this!


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