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The Incredible Holt

Today I'm joining up with several of my friends to share the story of Sheaffer's cousin's son, Holt.  The Friday Favorites linkup is still at the bottom of the post and, as always, we just ask that you link back to either  Erika,  Narci or myself and link an actual Friday Favorites post in the widget.  Thanks!!!

I've been friends with Sheaffer since we were pregnant with Luke and Carter and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sheaffer has one of the biggest and most tender hearts around.  She feels deeply, loves BIG and is always quick to jump in and help in any way she can.  I'm so lucky to have her as a friend and my heart has been breaking with her over the past few months as her cousin's son has been going through some complicated medical challenges.  

 Holt, also known as The Incredible Holt, is three years old, as precocious as they come, sweet as can be, and he has some spunk in him as well.  I mean - just look at that cutie!

After multiple biopsies and so many tests over the last 6 months, Holt was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called Anaplastic Large T-Cell lymphoma on September 21.   The preliminary treatment plan focuses on chemo and Holt has already received his port and first two rounds of chemotherapy.  Holt will receive 6 "blocks", or rounds, of chemo in three-four week cycles equaling out to about 6 months of treatment.  Every block of treatment will begin with a 5-6 day hospital stay where Holt will receive chemo for 5 days in a row and then he'll head home for about two weeks. 

Holt's parents are Alden and Jeff - Alden was a teacher in Frisco, but she became a stay at home mom when she had Holt.  She also used to do a little part time work at her church (Preston Trail), but right now she’s focusing all of her time and attention on Holt.  Jeff is an English teacher and Varsity football coach at Boyd High School here in McKinney.

Alden is also pregnant and due in December.  So, not only will they be undergoing treatment with Holt and living in and out of the hospital, she will also be caring for a sweet little newborn.

Just like all of us would do for our own children, Jeff and Alden are going to do whatever they need to do to get their boy the best treatment they can. They are a financially responsible young couple, but they were not prepared for this, as I don’t think many families would be.

This sweet family has gone through so much, and they still have such a long road ahead.  I would be thrilled if our little community came together to help,  The power behind each of us giving even just $10 each could have such an impact!  Would y’all join me?  Let’s rally together to take some of the financial burden of fighting cancer off of Alden and Jeff.  Let’s give them a little peace of mind during this stressful season.


There are three easy ways you can help TODAY...

- ONE -

If you would like to give directly to the family through their Go Fund Me account, you can  click here.  Any amount would be so greatly appreciated.  Personally, I don’t want Alden and Jeff to spend one second worrying over the financial aspect of this journey.  I want them only to focus on their precious boy.

Click HERE to to get to their Go Fund Me page.

In the video below, the audio that you hear of Holt’s little voice was from earlier this year when they were in Philadelphia for some testing.  They had been at the hospital that day, and a ton of doctors had been running tests on his eyes (they first thought he had eye cancer) and Holt refused to open his eyes for almost 24 hours after the procedures because he was so scared.  Alden captured this moment between them on her iPhone and it perfectly portrays the incredible faith and trust that Holt and his parents have.  

We all have a lot to learn from Holt.  He has such an incredible faith.

- TWO - 

If you watched the video, then you know that the t-shirt below honors Holt perfectly.  They are ONLY $15 and come in dark gray adult sizes and light gray youth sizes.  The proceeds will go straight to Holt's family (there's also a place where you can leave an additional donation when purchasing!) and how amazing will it be for their family to see people all over the country wearing the shirt and sharing Holt's story!

This t shirt campaign will run until October 14th.  At that point, it will close and then shirts will be printed and shipped.  Estimated arrival is October 30th.
Alden also has a good friend that designed some super cute t-shirts with Alden’s faith in mind.  Click HERE to see the t-shirts that were inspired by Alden.

The women at Accessory Concierge have worked so incredibly hard over the last week to create this gorgeous and very special necklace that we are calling THE HOLT.  They are graciously going to give 20% of the sales straight to Alden’s family.  How generous is that?!?!

It is PERFECTLY Fall and will go with so many different outfits. This would be a great time to stock up on Christmas presents AND help a wonderful family at the same time.

This FABULOUS necklace would typically retail for $48, but the special price is $24 with the code:  INCREDIBLEHOLT
Let’s all come together to contribute to this cause and support this incredible family!  I know that our community could be such a blessing to Alden, Jeff, and Holt.

In addition helping to ease this financial burden, we would also greatly appreciate your prays for Holt, the family, and the doctors.  To follow along with their journey and keep up to date with specific prayer requests, click HERE.  Alden writes beautifully about her faith and this journey.  And for those of you that like to pray for very specific needs, Alden does a great job listing very pointed prayer requests.

And for easy reference, here are the ways that you can help Holt and his family...

 1) Donate to their GO FUND ME

2Buy a T-Shirt (The Incredibe Holt tee or Alden’s tees)

3) Purchase a Holt Necklace (use code INCREDIBLEHOLT)

4) Follow along with Alden as she writes and commit to praying for Holt, his family and his team of doctors and nurses

We love you, Holt!


  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet words. You have been an incredible help during this effort, and I cannot thank you enough for making the video or setting up the t-shirt page. I am so very thankful for your heart, your friendship, your talents, and the fact that you are so willing to give of your time and your talents to help a family in need. Love you!

  2. The video you created is perfection. I'm so glad the family has that to keep forever. xo

  3. Bought a t shirt!!!🎉I know how much fundraisers can help and any amount can add up. We did a fundraiser to raise money for a handicap accessible van for our 6yo with Cerebral Palsy and we earned every penny to buy a van and adapt it. Will share this with my friends. 💜 Sweet precious boy. Aghhh this just brings everything into perspective.

  4. Sending so many prayers for dear, sweet Holt. I just purchased a “Let Light Shine” tee as well. That one really spoke to me and I will be sharing it on my blog once I receive it! Thank you for sharing Holt’s story and supporting your friend and sharing your beautiful bright light with the world.


  5. Oh my goodness what a beautiful little boy and amazing family. They will definitely be in my prayers. Stories like this bring everything in perspective and reminds you what is important.

  6. Hearing that sweet voice in the video really got me. What a precious boy. I'm sending many prayers of hope and strength to this family! I purchased the "let light shine" tee and the beautiful necklace. I'll think of Holt every time I wear them. I'll also be sure to share them on my blog to help spread the word. 💗

    Kate | The Neat Nook @

  7. Oh my goodness that video was just precious and heartbreaking at the same time. The t-shirts you created are perfect...sweet reminder that God is always with us! So many prayers being said for sweet little Holt and his amazing family!!!

  8. What a sweet, brave boy - and a wonderful family. I'll definitely buy a shirt to help them. So many prayers coming their way. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for sharing Holt's story. I donated to his Go Fund Me fund and I will be praying for Holt and his family.

  10. I just bought a necklace and will be praying for sweet Holt and his family. Thanks for sharing. What a great group of friends and support you all have in each other!

  11. Will be praying for Holt and his family and will buy a necklace. Super friends.


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