Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fair Night

Last Thursday the stars aligned and we had NO after school activities or commitments, Dave had the afternoon/evening off and the weather was GORGEOUS so we picked the kids up about 45 minutes early from school and headed to the State Fair.

We parked approximately 700 miles from the entrance and were SO THANKFUL for the trolley ;)

Once we got inside our first stop was the "birthing barn" where we saw brand new piglets adn got to watch some chicks hatch.

It was kind of freaky because it looked like they were dying as they came out, but the attendant was quick to tell the kids that hatching is just really tough work and so they'll hatch a little bit and then have to rest.  And then hatch some more and then rest.  Repeat as necessary. 

After the birthing barn we stopped by and saw all the police horses and then it was on to the car show.

Griffin kept talking about "this is the car I want when I'm a teenager" and I just kept getting more and more nauseous :) hahaha

The kids did all the green screens and little activities and I'll be receiving spam emails from car companies for YEARS :)  #worthit

Luke tried out this driving simulator thing and was actually SUPER good at it - he credited his skills to "all that MarioKart I've played" :)  

After the car show we grabbed some snacks and made our way over to the dog show.

Let the sugar high commence!

This is how I feel about cotton candy too, sister.

What we actually came for :) 

Dinner on the go...

The dog show was 2/3 of my kids favorite part of the show... it was so much fun!  The dogs were all rescues and they did an agility course, crazy jumps and my kids were ridiculously into it.

We took the obligatory Big Tex picture BEFORE hitting the midway...

... and then it was GAME TIME!!!

(Mason can't hide emotion from his face and his look in the pic above perfectly shows how he was feeling about our pre-midway selfie) :)

My kids generally like to play the games where they know they're going to win a prize.. none of them are fans of playing the riskier games where you spend $5 and leave with nothing... which I can totally appreciate even if they're pretty cheesy. 

I mean - if this doesn't sum up a kid's perspective of the fair I'm not sure what does...

Next we checked out the light parade...

... and then made our way to the kids midway for a few rides.

The SWEETEST girl ever took our family picture (she did SO GOOD!!!) and I wish I knew who she was so I could send her a thank you note I love it so much :)

I hope she wants to ride the carousel forever!!!  There were some people behind her who were having their engagement pictures taken which was super fun to see as well.

All three kids chose bumper cars next and Griffin was EXTRA excited because it was the first year she was tall enough to drive herself!  #getitgirl

Look at Mason's face in the picture below :) 

And yes... that's my girl who gets SUPER motion sick clutching her cotton candy-filled tummy as she walked off.  She had to sit out of the next few rides because she was still recovering from the bumper cars.

Dabs on a plane :)

We ended the night with a couple more games...

.... and a trip through the Whataburger drive through on the way home because we were having so much fun we forgot to eat dinner :)

It was a super sweet (super LATE) night and a fair memory I hope the kids hold onto for a long time!  Until next year, Big Tex!


  1. Loved all your fair pictures!! I could not talk my kids into the waiting on the parade this year-they wanted to ride more rides!

  2. Next year, we should go together ;) . Wouldn't we have so much fun?! GG and Ashby would be a mess together!

  3. Griffin reminds me of Agnes from Despicable Me with her unicorn.... It’s so FLUFFY!!!:-)
    Look like a fun time was had by all!!

  4. G going face first into the cotton candy bag is awesome!

  5. Such a fun family night! Making memories;)

  6. wow, that fam pic in front of the ferris wheel is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. How fun is this! The Oklahoma State Fair is fun too, but not nearly the size of the Texas State Fair!


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