Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Top 10

What's the only thing better than football practice?  Football practice in the rain!  Mason had "the best practice EVER" on Friday after school thanks to some drizzle :) 

And then he had the best nap ever thanks to the practice :) 

Mason and I found ourselves at home for an hour or so before we had to head back up to school and he helped me prep a couple of things for the dance that night including this sign for the frozen drinks :)  That E, though!

We picked up Luke and Griffin and settled in for an evening waiting for vendors, setting out table cloths and candy and watching the lights flicker as a crazy flash flood trapped us in the gym.  

The kids were SO GOOD and patient and they ran bleachers, pulled each other around in the wagon, performed dance routines on the stage and ate about a dozen packets of skittles (each). :)  

Once the varsity football game was FINALLY called off and the parents doing the concession stand made their way back to the school they rescued my kids with hot dogs they didn't sell.  #glamorous  Dave was able to take a break from work and come and pick them up around 8:30 and take them home so my mom could watch them and I stayed because I was still waiting on the DJ and photo booth to get there.  

Right before Dave took them home the lighting crew got the panel set up (but not raised) and they were able to have their own private dance party :) 

The dance was 10 - midnight and was possibly my favorite one to date.  The kids had a blast and we had minimal drama which is a feat for middle school :) 

As always, my favorite part of any party is hanging out with my amazing co-workers.  When you spend your days with 150 pre-teens and teens you have to have a unique sense of humor and we have so much fun together :) 

If you're planning a party for middle schoolers any time soon you HAVE to look into frozen drink machines.  Over the years I've done TONS of different snacks at the Homecoming dance.. s'mores (complete with fire boxes to roast marshmallows in the gym), an ice cream sundae bar, pizza delivery half way through, a dessert bar, close to 1000 chicken tenders (seriously... this was the kids request... hahaha) and every year there is SO MUCH FOOD left over.  This year I opted for candy (because #middleschool) and these drink machines and they were the biggest hit ever!!! 

Saturday morning we found out that all of our activities were cancelled due to the crazy storm the night before and even more rain in the forecast so we settled in for a quiet "regroup" day at home.  It was PERFECTION!  We did laundry, cleaned, and just chilled out after a crazy hectic week.

Masons' bestie hung out with us for most of the day and they had the #bestdayever :) 

No clue what they're doing, but they were having fun!

It rained ALL DAY LONG and they were going a little stir crazy so I let them ride bikes in the rain :) 

We ended the night with some pizza and arcade time and a movie night.  So fun!

Since Saturday was the first day of Fall and it was rainy and chilly I decided that zucchini bread was in order.  Yes.  Ma'am. 

A cool Sunday morning and we were THERE FOR IT!

I spent the ENTIRE rest of Sunday catching up on school work that there just wasn't time for last week.  I'm happy to report that I got it all done and there were no Sunday scaries here last night!

I'm ready for and excited about a low-key week around here.  We have the day off of school on Friday and are thinking about heading to the State Fair if the weather cooperates.   More than anything I'm just looking forward to a short week and long weekend!

Happy Monday, friends and HAPPY FALL!!!


  1. I’m sad to see your week of dress up over! That was so fun to see every day!

  2. I loved hearing all about homecoming yesterday! You always do such an amazing job with that stuff!!!

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend after the busyness of HC! Love G’s coloring roll....I want one :)
    Enjoy a “normal” week.

  4. I loved following along during homecoming! What fun!

  5. We love zucchini!! I have a recipe for chocolate zuch cake that's pretty fantastic.

  6. Enjoy your low key week. Yay for no Sunday scaries!

  7. Love your mantle "swag" and that Jack-o-Lantern in the pic with Griffin coloring! Zucchini bread sounds delish! I made a pumpkin dump cake yesterday that is good but oh so sweet!

  8. Nothing like flash floods to end a crazy week! But, as always, you were still smiling;). Glad you get a low key week to reset. Happy Monday, Andrea!

  9. Your co-workers look like so much fun! And the dance looks like it was a huge hit (yay for minimal drama!). Heading into the week all caught up with work is the best feeling. PS - love your fall decor! Happy Monday!


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