Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Teacher Tuesday - Back To School

It's week two and I thought I'd give y'all a quick peek into my classroom this year.  I didn't make many major changes this year but did move a few things around and added a few things.

When you walk in the door here's the view immediately to the right...

I didn't really change anything on this wall... but I am putting my weekly plans for each of my preps for kids to refer to.  It's all online, but I'm hoping this will be able to field some of the "what are we doing today???" questions :)

To the left of the door is this little corner.  The table with the pencil sharpener used to be in our playroom and kids use the pillows if/when they choose sit on the floor and work with a group.  The quote on the board is from "Everybody Always" and the letters I made by printing and cutting them out.  The cart is from IKEA and has student supplies in it... extra pencils, tape, a 3-hole punch, calculators and Versatiles. 

The infamous cassette tape chalkboard (did you guys catch my instastory about this where I made a total fool of myself???) made it's way to my classroom and I'm using it to put daily homework on.  So far NO KIDS have known what it was :)  "Is it like... one of those old timy CD things???"

It has hooks on the back of it that worked perfectly with the hooks on the board. 

The other white board I turned into what I've dubbed "The Fridge"...

... it's where I can display great work.  Just like when your mom would put your work up on the fridge at home :)  I'm excited to get it filled up and my plan is to return all the "fridge work" on Fridays.  If you want to make your own "fridge" you can download the letters I printed, cut and laminated  HERE

The work currently up there is mainly the  "You, By The Numbers" assignment that I shared last year. 

I left up my confetti bulletin board but took down the white boards with the wreaths...

And changed a few little things in my desk area since last year...

My largest class this year is 16 (PRAISE HANDS!!!) so I have 16 desks in rows and then another 8 in groups...

The only other change I really made was moving this table to the side instead of in front of the SmartBoard - I have no clue why I didn't think about doing that last year!  The yellow chairs are when I need to work one-on-one with a student and the rug is still holding up great!

So there you go!  If you need me between 7:15 and (usually) 5:00 this is where I'll be!  And if I'm not in my room I'm probably laminating something or at the copy machine :) 

One of the craziest/most fun things about being a teacher is seeing your students grow up and become adults.  It's such a neat experience to get to connect with kids again more as peers and to hear about their classroom experiences in your class.  It's especially cool with those students become amazing teachers!  Mandy was in my very first group of 8th graders and she is teaching third grade and she had the CUTEST first day idea...

... isn't that so fun?!?!  Mandy, thank you so much for letting me share and HAPPY first week of school to you!!!

Happy TUESDAY, friends!


  1. Your room is adorable! How in the world do you find the time to teach full time, blog five days a week AND be a mom?! So impressed by you!

  2. Your room looks awesome! But I expecting nothing less!

  3. Your room looks amazing and as cozy as always!

  4. Have a GREAT year!!!
    You know how many teachers are going to be seriously jealous of your middle school class sizes - yay for you :)

  5. Girl, you have the COZIEST classroom EVER!!

  6. 16. I teach English to 3 classes of 33 students in each class. I wish for smaller class sizes but you have to make it work in NYC public schools. Your room looks so warm and cozy. I dream of a room like this. Unfortunately with 33 students all you have room for is desks and more desks.

  7. I love your classroom. I am going to share my classroom tomorrow, so stop by and take a peek. I teach kinder. I love that Bob Goff quote. 16 kids is so nice!

  8. Your classroom is AMAZING!!!! Love the gallery wall and the Fridge!!

  9. I always love your classroom tours! "The Fridge" is such a great idea. How much fun to see your students become teachers- total full circle moment! Have a great year!

  10. Love your classroom! The Fridge is such a cute idea. I don't have a classroom (I teach business classes at a jr. college), but I have an office! Maybe a classroom/office tour would be a cute link up post idea sometime!

  11. Oh my gosh! You always know how to decorate! I have a question I have been dying to ask teachers: any secrets to how you don't get so sick and so tired of teaching the same concepts over and over again, year after year?

  12. Thanks for the classroom tour! Your room is gorgeous. I'm heading into my room tomorrow and probably Friday as well to finish prepping. I teach 3rd grade, and I'm seriously considering sharing a 3rd grade photo of me with students and families at Open House. My 3rd grade photo happens to be particularly dorky, so they'll enjoy it I'm sure! Thanks again for sharing. Have a great year!
    Laughter and Consistency

  13. Andrea, you have such a gift for making spaces welcoming, whether it's in your home or your classroom. I loved the tour, thanks for sharing!


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